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The mystery of Project Pegasus |

The mystery of Project Pegasus


For Project Pegasus, there is a sense that has been exhausted talking, but …

Someday, so I thought I would like to write, you will be introduced this time.

“35 years ago, I saw a man on Mars” was a shocking testimony and is NASA’s original female employees claiming as “Jackie”.

Jackie, who had been engaged in monitoring of data sent to Earth in a remote communication from Mars spacecraft “Vikings” in NASA is,

It is said to have witnessed the man had been taken to relay images from the Vikings!

To Mars, which is said to be the land of mankind unreached, if human beings had already landed before 35 years whether the method and the purpose was what was on earth …?

Mr. Jackie appeared in the United States of the radio program, and due to the fact that he said,

The image that has been sent 35 years ago at the relay from Mars, I that had reflected the figure of a whopping two people! w|;゚ロ゚|w

That person is the time of NASA’s space suit difference, seems to have been wearing a kind of chemical protective clothing.

It is also in addition to Mr. Jackie is also six staff and had witnessed the man that has been reflected in the relay of the Vikings.

Suddenly cut off too much of the situation relay that staring at the screen without hide a surprise, Jackie Mr. reported the trouble to the boss out of the room.

Then, in the room that he was in a moment ago it took a key, it’s the so was no longer able to get inside.

Therefore I told the “two people were Mars Nii is is what happened then was not able to confirm.”

It will landed how the “human” in the distant Mars from Earth …?

Also why after the relay is interrupted, the one … the truth locked up in the room is still shrouded in mystery.

But in the old days more than 35 years ago that Jackie Mr. witnessed a human on Mars, “the human race had to go to Mars using the teleportation” There is also a testimony surprising! !

Is was the confession of the impact with the lawyer, “Mr. Andrew Bashiago”

United States is the 34th generation is the granddaughter of President Eisenhower, “said Laura Eisenhower”.

Participated in the top-secret project “Project Pegasus” of two people is what the United States CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency),

Experienced a teleportation and time travel, it is a shocking story that!

According to the testimony, there is a room called the “jump room” inside the CIA, it seems to be able to teleport from there to Mars, that of the also secret base for Earthlings to live is being built on Mars.

We also succeeded in time travel experiments using the space-time to other, actually Bashiago Mr. also testified that there have been to the past or the future.

Because the CIA to grow space-time travel personnel, first selected the 10 men and women of the CIA and the 10-year-old to 19-year-old with a connection, I understand that you were special training,

Whopping in the trainee is a surprise because say had also President Obama of younger days.

Testimony to the contents of Mr. Bashiago There is a very far-fetched, but …

According to him, it says that it is compelling evidence photos to introduce under.

This is a picture of the crowd that is hearing the famous “politics for the people by the people of the People’s”, “Geddes Berg speech of Lincoln,” which was filmed in 1863.

The boy standing and alone more the center of the photo, you that this is a Bashiago’s childhood!

Put your hands in your pocket, but longer hairstyle boy I feel is somewhat floating from the surrounding …

This is what Mr. Bashiago has said that it is evidence that witnessed to this speech by using a time travel from modern.

(-_-) ・・・

We figure you also have claimed that “I spent 17 years at Mars,” which is referred to as a former marine captain, Kay of the United States in addition to the two people (a pseudonym).

(According to him, to protect the five colony of earthlings from indigenous life on Mars, it seems to have been sending troops to Mars)

Mr. Captain Kay also has confessed that went to Mars using the jump room.

(Because he was a former Marine, like the fact that took the back,
“Andrew Bashiago”, because the people with social status Do – that either the nonsense talked about the “Laura Eisenhower,” there is an interesting story)

In addition, in the military space project of top-secret that before that was introduced “Project Red Sun” (red sun plan), the NASA in the 1970s we have been successful in Mars manned mission,

Of the lunar module pilot of Apollo 11 as “Edwin E” bus “Aldrin”, because it is said to be “Neil Armstrong” has landed on Mars,

The two original female employees “Jackie” was seen of NASA, it ··· be that it was Aldrin and Armstrong

This is said to be the photo of Aldrin walking Mars.

When viewed from the front, might seem also to have to wear a kind of chemical protective clothing says Mr. Jackie …

Anyway, about the mystery of this jump room and Mars, I would like to hope that a new witness has come out.



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