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【Hollow Earth theory】C-22~True figure of Santa Claus |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-22~True figure of Santa Claus


【viewer discretion is advised】

I do not think this article have seen a child but ^^;

The identity of the pick up this time Santa Claus, actually Maybe it was a parent, because it does not have that kind of cute things, “Do not browse the children.”

If you come in your child is wrong, I go back from here because I do not want to destroy the dream.

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Then this time if the person also adults want to remain in the current Santa Claus image ^^ Please refrain;

Please the direction of it other than go read from here.
Thank you.

Let’s first take a look at the modern Santa Claus.

This kindly uncle, came in the reindeer sled for Christmas, will distribute the gifts to the children who are sleeping.

The origin which is commonly referred to in the Santa Claus?

It is, the Eastern Roman Empire of the time in the fourth century, the legend of the Fathers of St. Nicholas has been said to be the origin.

One day Nicholas is too much poverty, we learned about the existence of the house that would marry off three daughters.
Nicholas that it was thought to pity visited the house in the middle of the night, you throw a gold coin.
Because the socks had been lowered to the fireplace this time, it is because the gold had been entered into the socks.
And that of the anecdotes are left that have avoided the sell itself daughter thanks to this gold.

This story is derived from, “entered the house in the middle of the night, put the gifts in the socks,” that is so Santa Claus is born in today.

What – do such a good story of the ( ‘▽ `) relieved
What I keep saying only it is beginning Oh yeah! ( `Д’)

Please rest assured.
Of course, it does not end here.

So, take a look at the St. Nicholas like

As you can see, I think you are quite similar to Santa Claus that is transmitted to the modern times.

Red clothes you are wearing Santa Claus, of the time when St. Nicholas was alive, clothes at the time of the bishop of the ritual is said to have been made to the original.

However, only the gold of St. Nicholas was thrown. So, it would come from where the bags have the Santa Claus image?

So … is there that is the original of this Santa Claus is not there yet.

There is, you can say with the original or …

The point is, there is its presence in the original, is that the legend of St. Nicholas of later are born the current Santa Claus fusion.

… Or heck Who is its existence?

It further St. Nicholas before the legend, it dates back to the era of myth.
Originally Santa Claus According to it’s that wore green clothes!

Take a look at this.

Yes, I wore green clothes.
This is the original green Santa traveling in the Nordic mythology.

So, because Santa is wearing red clothes, all the world a common thing rather than, Santa wearing of clothes this green is the mainstream in the Northern Europe, Santa clothes are part of the United Kingdom to the other green and It has been.

But, I do not know the mystery of the bag to have Santa can come up here …

Further from here, we will follow the prototype of Santa Claus.

Then, we arrive at the lore of Sweden.
Rather than the Santa long ago According to the report, the person who was dressed as a goat will say that there has been a habit to come carrying a gift.

This is not in any way in the friendly presence such as Santa, but rather creepy. In the presence that has been referred to as “Yurubokku”, it is so the habit is left in still a variety of ways.

It is this (¯_¯ i)

This I was to understand one end of the mystery of the bag to have a Santa Claus in the ^^;
But by following the prototype of … Santa did not think to come up here.

But ~~ does not have ‘s the end here!

In this blog, so I do the concept of Let out until the conclusion to pursue the mystery,
We will Ikitsuko from here to further the end!

Its presence creepy was dressed as a goat “Yurubokku”

So to speak, is the true figure of Santa Claus! ?

It is this that is the! ! !

※ This is an organism of the model called “Yorupukki” which is to be in the village of Santa Claus originated.

so! Creature this They thrusts corner was grows is why was the “true identity of Santa Claus!” ! !  ━━ (= ¯ □ ¯ =) ━━  !!

Perhaps the presence creepy was dressed as a goat “Yurubokku”, Will has come from this “Yorupukki”!

This, this Yorupukki is the case had been feared as winter visitors have existed long before Santa Claus is born, called the Christmas goat.

By the way, I do not like this “Yorupukki” something?

So, it is the Japanese “Namahage”.

Here, finally it was introduced last time as “Namahage” “Cramps” was tied with “Yorupukki” which is said to be the true identity of Santa Claus ^^;

In “Namahage” also “Cramps” is also the last article, but probably came from the depths of the earth was talking about the fact that if not a living organism that I had been cladding kidnapping the children …

Maybe … clogging Santa Claus also came from the Earth’s underground “underground people” thing is that!

┌ | ° □ °; | ┐ !!

And, … the contents of the bag of the Santa Claus?

It is you can see the other … the content is not there ‘s something gift (~ д ~ *)
That’s right, you have a child who stole it is said that was carrying in the bag …

After that …


If, ^^ at not say;

~ Also Thank you for reading this.



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