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【Hollow Earth theory】C-14~Tibet expedition of Nazi |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-14~Tibet expedition of Nazi


This time, but I will write about Tibet expedition of Nazi (SS)

First, we will introduce the important person about it.

SS of the Secretary is “Heinrich Himmler”.

He was intelligent, which also has the PhD, but you say that there was also a devotee of Hitler same occult …

He is influenced by the earthly paradise “Shangri-La”, which appeared in the novels of James Hilton (※) “Lost Horizon”

Somewhere in the Tibetan Plateau, we believed that there should be a utopia Shambhala.

※ James Hilton

“Lost Horizon” is a bestseller in England of the novelist.
Paradise “Shangri-La” on the ground that appeared in this novel is also known as a synonym for utopia.

And, Himmler comes to Nazi officials, implement their own ideas.

So was keeping an eye had been majoring in genetics
It was a man named “Ernst Schaefer” (※).

Ernst Schaefer

Zoology at the University of Munich, in particular learn ornithology
Young East Tibet investigation travel published a travelogue titled “Tibet of the investigation and exploration of the mystery.”

Return to Germany in 1936, Pampered to Himmler, was left the expedition of the SS.
In 1937 and 1938, it published a travel diary of Eastern Tibet and western Sina composed of two volumes.

(Schaefer is by report with this travel, things that it has established itself as a young excellent explorers.)
Also published a “Mystic Tibet” is in 1942.

Himmler was attracted to his career, and then immediately scout the Schaefer.

Thus, over the 1938 – 1939, the scientific expedition led by Ernst Schaefer was also in a Nazi SS and (SS) officer zoologist of Germany, I was supposed to be headed to Tibet.

This expedition, “superiority of Aryan” SS chief Heinrich Himmler is full support ※ the call
In order to support the Nazi racial ideology, his investigation by unexplored Tibet that has been considered to be the origin of the Aryan was the first purpose.

※ Hitler from the fact that what Aryan had advocated that it is superiority nation.

Schaefer, but wanted to make a survey from scientific knowledge,

He said he ordered an investigation on the basis of the “pseudo-scientific theory proposed by a man named Hans Horbiger” (※) from Himmler.

※ Hans Horbiger

It advocated a “space ice theory”, the Austrian engineer
(20 century the beginning of, that another celestial body that could be the origin of the solar system in the ice to a huge high temperature of celestial bodies collide, believe that it is also made of ice month)

Now, because it does not allow as ice can be seen from the surface of the moon, it is one of the odd theory.
However, this universe ice theory at the time was supported by the Nazi officials.

Because the pseudo-science “of semblance, science of sham” in, odd theory, non-science thing.

In short, in the Schaefer, some unfounded rumors and odd theory in Tibet, investigation of the non-scientific view of the world is also ordered, of course among them, but it seems to have been also contains investigation of “Shambhala legend” – … their investigation would was the next of the three secondary for him.

Anyway Schaefer to the success of the expedition, and all SS men a person to participate in the investigation, flea the conditions of Himmler, such as,

“Geology, botany, zoology, together with the knowledge of ethnology, complete scientific record of Tibet” was aimed at creating.

This is referred to as “Tibet investigation of SS”.

While they received an enormous amount of funding of Himmler, to realize the expedition over a long period of time,

Further investigation Corps, made a beginning with specimens of the huge number of animals and plants.
(Dogs and cats and rare animals not only live in the Tibet, birds, etc.)

In addition, or barley, wheat, varieties such as oats are brought back to Germany,
Tibetans of marriage and childbirth, such as the concept of up to homosexuality
Tibetan customs and culture became be recorded in detail.

So, whether the Schaefer led by “SS expedition” is was discovered the “Shambhala”?

But it is about …

About it is I want to write next time ^^;



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