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【Hollow Earth theory】C-8~The mystery of Tibet eternal book |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-8~The mystery of Tibet eternal book


In fact, in addition to the Potala Palace in Tibet,
It says that there was a place that leads to another underground world …

Let me introduce a person is a guide to it today.

That person is, “Theodor Ilion”

Although information about the he is small,
In German explorers was examined

・ The 1930s and early

At a time when whites in Tibet that enters had been illegal
Set foot in this “Mystic earth”
It widely person known his name as one of the few Westerners it is.

・1932, embarked on Tibet exploration plan

・ 1934 Single entry pretending to be Tibetan pilgrimage monk.

And also of a long period of time exploring the Tibet three years,
To overcome the difficulties of many that bet the life and death, he returned to Germany plays a miraculous survivor.

Its shocking experience record,
Extensively reported on the radio and newspapers of each country,

He summarized the experience in a book called the two books “Ratfelhaftes Tibet”.

※ the “Ratfelhaftes Tibet” is,
Is the original of the “Tibet eternal book” of the Japanese translation to introduce this time.

It is published by Doitsuurawosu Inc.,

Further leading to be translated and published in many countries,
The magnitude of the echo has been reported to have reached the pinnacle.

As at the time, it always was a big sensational ^^;

(As tell it, Ano Nazi regime
Full control was Adolf Hitler is shocked to this book in 1934,

Every year I have also been said to have become a thing to send a survey team to Tibet,
It also … ^^ in a different story;)

But unfortunately upheaval of the subsequent war
Of the original “Ratfelhaftes Tibet” is lost …

American global explorers in 1991,
By Mr. David Childress to be dug up from the British Museum

Thing and also had been away buried in darkness for 50 years.

So despite its shocking content,
Somewhat, it will contain the old tale feeling
The document work, it seems hard to catch …

Well, when you read this “Tibet eternal book”,
Ilion is set foot went into actually underground world in Tibet,

So I have written to have the experience of shock! ! !

Its contents …

He was invited to a huge underground city that was in place which is said to Tibet of Sampo valley,
So after you have both a three-day life in the secret society of darkness,
Experience memoirs of fear up to play a miraculous survivor where you’ll find! ! ¥ (◎0◎) ¥

Actually entered the underground world of this Central Asia,
Expedition who were able to report their experiences there in detail
It has been trying to be the only person “Theodor Ilion”.

Below, I tried to extract some of the place to be worried about in the experience part of the underground city.

・ The part that seems to be saying that the residents of the underground city

“I have watched in their eyes.
Eyes are beautiful, but shot a dismal light.

Intelligence, such as force, but all of those were observed
Only one “soul” was missing! “

・ “On the estimated defunct abyss back
Both themselves dropped throw headlong them. “

Here Ilion be deceived, description … that seems to have been invited to the underground city?

・”I have two or three minutes between,
The most experience a dreadful moment in a lifetime.

All of my existence has raised the cry of spiritual anguish. “


Anyway experience in his there (the underground city)
It will was unimaginable thing …

Well it was come back ^^;

However, I do not go if you do not refuse here,

This underground city is “Shambhala” is
Author (Ilion) is that I do not say a word!

So readers who read this book is reminiscent of Tibet and the “underground city”,
If it were that this underground city ends up the same recognition as a “Shambhala” is it seems to be a problem.

So, up to this book and the “Shambhala” legendary truth will become apparent,
Sounds good is better to consider separately.

However, in terms of talking about experience working in the underground city
Experience of this “Theodore Ilion” is
Since it is not possible to remove, is up I am allowed to introduce this time.

Next time, titled experience of Theodor Ilion horror, to introduce a detailed experience the contents of a secret society of Sampo valley, for such a causal relationship between “Shambhala”, because I would like to enter into the deeper area ,Nice to meet you.



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