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【Hollow Earth theory】C-15~Outcome of the SS Tibet expedition |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-15~Outcome of the SS Tibet expedition


Or “SS of the expedition” is was discovered the “Shambhala”?

Write the results that have been said about it below.

For this Aryan race Tibet investigation origin was sent in order to explore the “SS expedition”,

It has a number of monographs many researchers involved are written, but …

We faced many of its researchers, a problem that troubled the head,
Many of the documents relating to Tibet investigation of SS is currently confidential, yes I do, such that … (· _ ·?)

It by the thing called the various rumors and speculation.

Nazis Maybe I found a Buddhist kingdom Shambhala of secret,
The real purpose of the expedition is Toka … it was to find traces of the civilization of Omowashii alien to exist in Tibet.

Also other has been pointed out, “purpose” not likely similar, but that at least it can be said,

Ernst Schaefer Author, who led the expedition
To: “White collar winding feast God to the kingdom of Tibet Lhasa”,

Shambhala things it was not even written word!

According to the published documents about the purpose of the research team, its main purpose is because was to explore the origins of the German Aryan race.

(It seems there was a certain degree of success for this)

March 1940
Himmler is met with in Berlin the 20th century maximum of Sven Hedin, which is said to explorer (※).

Sven Hedin (1865-1952 years)
Born in Sweden
It is said to be the 20th century’s largest explorer

Hedin also have to explore, such as Tibet over about three years from 1899 BC
“Tsangpo Lamas Wallfahrt (pilgrimage line of Tsuanpo Lama, 1922)” and wrote a book called.
One person he also gave an impact on Hitler.

So we were talking about Schaefer Tibetan expedition.

“Young explorers Dr. Ernst Schaefer of Germany is to explore the southern Tibet, who returned recently to achieve a beautifully purpose!”

Also Himmler, Schaefer and his colleagues is,
To stay in Lhasa of Tibet 40 days, spoke proudly that it has brought back a precious film, it seems to have said in the following manner.

“Schaefer went through immigration ban zone, succeeded in crawl to successfully Tibet, it went to the capital of Tibet. In India, he visited India Governor-General.”

“This time, the Schaefer Yari said to come in here, let me to show you to you a film that was shot in Tibet.”

And Himmler was told.

Here, a simple question …

If this SS expedition had found a super-advanced civilization that is said to be in the underground of “Shambhala”, or would go blabbing to outsiders so far?

If, if you have discovered such a thing, the Nazis made in ultra-confidential There is no difference to smother itself been to Tibet expedition.

Unfortunately, I think that says it all the facts that are publicly this thing …

That SS Tibet expedition, Will did not discover the Shambhala.

But, it says the SS expedition in 1938 had brought back a statue from Tibet.

About it, because there is interesting research results that were found recently, I would like a little to write about it.

In fact, the results of the Buddha statue is research, papers that had been carved a meteorite

On September 26, 2012 it has been published in the science journal “Meteoritics and Planetary Science”.

According to the survey results by the German and the joint research team of Austria, that with this statue of Buddha is called the “Iron Man” because it is made of rock that contains a lot of iron.

Height 24 cm, weighs 10.6 kilograms of Bishamonten of the seated figure, you have the right to open towards the bottom.

The results of chemical analysis, seems to have found that which was carved an extremely rare meteorite that ataxite containing a large amount of iron and nickel.

Processing polishing, according to Mr. Elmer Buchner of Germany Stuttgart University who participated in the research team, was chemically analyzed the statue of Buddha, a part of the meteorite called Chinga of a collision in the vicinity of Mongolia and Siberia boundary to 15,000 years ago It was asserted to have been made by.

The exact ages Bishamon image has been carved is unknown, but as can be seen with those prior to the 11th century that Buddhist culture has been established in Tibet from the style.

Even more interesting is, things that marked the “swastika” on the chest of the Buddha statue.

It by the expedition is said to have been interested.

Next time I would like to also follow the Nazi Antarctic expedition.



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