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【Hollow Earth theory】C-10~Nikolai Roerich and Shambhala |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-10~Nikolai Roerich and Shambhala


This time, to explore Tibet, urged to step rear to the mystery of the underground world

We will introduce a man named Nikolai Roerich (1874 to 1947).

He is a painter of Russia Petersburg born, poets, thinkers, explorers.

Roerich is famous as a painter of light touch in the fantastic

On the eve of the Russian Revolution is that of a person who gained fame in the costume design is also responsible for a wide range of fields in the “Rite of Spring” of Stravinsky.

Before the Revolution of Russia is the center of some sort of spiritual circle, and have a lot of occultist us
Roerich also says that it was one person who had been wearing the decent this wave in adolescence.

After the Russian Revolution the circle becomes the target of criticism, they are to Chirijiri.

Roerich also of course, will be forced out of the country.

However, unlike that many of those who went into exile to Europe and the New World, he will measure the completely different stratagem.

This thing I have had to significantly change half a lifetime of Roerich …

Roerich is, after sending the exile for a while in the United States
1923 set the expedition as the center of his family,
Will head to the Himalayas was some time longing of the earth.

He is through this journey, I was trying to express the beauty that lurk within its country in painting and poetry.

Next ’24, row arrived in the Himalayas of entrance “Sikkim”.

From the dialogue with the high priest at the “monastery of Sikkim”,
He is the spiritual beauty that has the Himalayas
We know the existence of what is the source of Tibetan Buddhism.

it is that “Shambhala”!

※ here, in a place which is said to Sikkim
Roerich or encounter a monk wearing a beautiful robe
It seems to be the experience, such as or witnessed the unidentified flying object.

When speaking to the Tibetan high priest after it
Thing with “You may may not of have been blessed from Shambhala” have been sent the word and.

(¯ to ¯ |||)

It will be mind around me unidentified flying object …

Anyway, Roerich was shocked by the story of the high priest at that Sikkim is to change the purpose of the journey on a quest “Shambhala”, you remixing a significant initiative.

Thus traversing the Central Asia of the mountainous region of Roerich I journey to find the “Shambhala” has begun.

However, where Roerich line was of Tibet “valley” Madeki,
By the instruction from the Lhasa it will not proceed any more.

From there earlier confinement areas because, the thing with not McCulley from entering.

※ It seems pressure is applied so that it does not go from there from the Tibetan government at the time to the destination …

By its instructions, Roerich row
Will spend between midwinter five months there Σ (||| ▽ |||)

So … even the majority of those who have made a miserable death in the hunger O and cold

Why, it would had been forbidden to enter this “valley”? ?

There is the entrance to the underground city that contains the “Theodor Ilion”
What was the that Sampo Valley …?

Here, there is an interesting story.

To book Roerich’s son “Georude Roerich” was put together, “Journal of Ursvati”

That’s right there is a description of this “valley”.

It, 1627
Stefano Kyasera, the middle of two people of the Jesuit named Johannes Cabral go to China,

There and was aware of the existence of Shambhala when you visited Bhutan.

So they

“A very famous country is real, called Chenbera. It is … in the place where in contact with each valley and the border called Sogupo”

That is right I heard.

Ilion is referred to as a “Sampo”
I think you are similar and speak of Jesuit “Sogupo”.


It probably was that of the “Sampo valley” and the “valley called Sogupo”.

However, it seems did not looping it traced to eventually also the Jesuit Shambhala but …

It authenticity of the story of Ilion has been much enhanced further with this.

From it, the most interesting is, the last time was introduced, the underground city that entry was Theodore Ilion is, I was located in one of the valley of the central Tibetan Sampo canyon,

“The vertical hole of 10 meters wide in the middle, boundary marker to become white boulders version stood are three” is in there is called.

What! It, explorer two ancient-Roerich of this Russia also,

“We also saw one of the three white boundary marker!”

And it has to write down the diary.

Perhaps what I saw of the two will those same! ! Σ (· ω · Bruno) Bruno

However, the two ancient-Roerich eventually, also go to the brink of the underground city

I did not set foot in there …


According to one theory, he went into the confinement area alone,
To the underground world Shambhala gate of the former is said to have set foot!

The next day, that Roerich but came back, his facial expression were unusual thing.

And, there saw it … also did not lifetime opening

※ there whether Shambhala is a mystery.

His “Roerich” as well “Ilion”
So do you have a look at what can not go look? (¯_¯)

From the next time, finally, thank you because we will enter the Shambhala legend that the Nazis pursued.



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