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【Hollow Earth theory】C-23~Nazi relic and Strange skull |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-23~Nazi relic and Strange skull


Strange shape of the skull that grew in the Russia of the corner in January 2016 was found!

In addition, from its close, also the mystery of the briefcase of the Nazi secret society “Ahnenerbe” discovery!

Strange skull … that grew in the corner that was found from the Nazis and the cave that had followed the underground world

This is, it is something likely.

Maybe, the case is open and perhaps was “Pandora’s box” Do not …

Caucasus Mountains continuous over the entire length 1200 km to the east and west from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

In Adygea is located on the western edge of the mountains, strange three types of relics that have been discovered.

Because the relics, and the briefcase was timeworn, the era of the engraved ring, are two of the skull of the strange shape.

For the ring, so it can be confirmed era is clearly of the 1939,1941, that with what at the time.

However, the history of the discovery is so there is a part of the mystery.

Woman is the owner of the relic is because living in the hut in the woods in the village of “Kamen Nomos Tsuki,” but everyone is called do not know the exact location.

So, the reporters of foreign media,
We are not able to dispel the question, “she would from the hiding place of the secret that is said to have been in in the forest and how was able to discover the briefcase?”.

In addition, that of the wonder remains also about the relic of the state of preservation is very good point.

Match that has been shipped with the briefcase is so it was enough that can be used today.

In this regard reporter, woman is the owner of the relics has considered “must have discovered the secret hideout of the Ahnenerbe in the forest”.

Since it was engraved coat of arms and the runes of the official Ahnenerbe in briefcase,
That this case is with the little doubt that the belongings of the Ahnenerbe.

Located in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains, Mount Elbrus.
The Nazis had built a secret society to the summit.
However, exactly why they have established a secret organization in the mountains of the individual Adygea is still of such remains a mystery …

So, then the skull also is about the mystery of not even skull jaw.

This skull was originally, because I seem to have thought that it would be animal fossil was too strange shape…, Were delivered to an ethnographer for the appraisal “Mr. Vladimir Melikov”.

Melikov is the result of Mr. analyzed the skull.

“At the bottom of the head, with the size of about a thick finger, please look at the round hole,” Melikov said spoke against the finger at one point of the skull.

“This is the base of the spine. And, from the positional relationship, that this organism has moved on two legs is shown.

Also strange is that it is not equipped with a skull and jaw. The mouth, are some of the holes are distributed in a circle.

“Orbit is very large, each have a corner that has grown to a different shape. Also the bones of the face is the flat as hominids” (Mr. Melikov)

Even when viewed from explorers, discovered skull seems was something abnormal.

(━_━) ゝ

Although this is the skull, we have originally shaped like corners were firmly on the head.

You have the corner on many years of erosion is gone from the middle but is this skull intact to say of Mr. … Melikov, when it comes to had moved on two legs when you are yet alive, it is the Japanese “Namahage (demon) “or be was the organisms, such as” Cramps “of Europe? It might.

Mythology scholar this unusual skull have a … call speculation, the name is translated as “came from heaven”,
Corner, which is a God of Sumerian myth that has points out that it is a “Anunnaki”.

The “Anunnaki” the solar system, is the alien that is said to have Planet X undiscovered “two-building”! !

It will be long about it, also thank you because I’d like to introduce the next time



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