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【Hollow Earth theory】C-16~The mystery of the Nazi Fourth Reich |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-16~The mystery of the Nazi Fourth Reich


Hitler has been known that was also interested in Antarctica.

Therefore, any one of those is a Nazi base in Antarctica, but has been whispered to seriously burned

How was the actual place? ?

Since the neighborhood also are interested, I would like to also follow the Nazi Antarctic expedition.

At the time, other countries, did not think the Nazis make a military base in Antarctica.

Antarctica is far away, it was clear that because it is too inconvenient land, there is no cost-effective.

From such a thing, has been said that if the Nazis did not even caught a threat to advance to the South Pole.

On the evidence, country to pay attention to the German movement in the Antarctic is was almost no but,

Arctic to the military base development of the German army in the region, it seems that many countries had reacted sensitively.

However, Hitler is seriously thinking to advance Antarctica, not only base, it is also said to have had with the intention to build up a city of comparable Berlin.

This is what the so-called “Nazi Fourth Reich”.

When the setting sun of the Third Reich is the time approaching visibly, led by Adolf Hitler,

It says the plan has been conceived of in order to escape the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of officials and guards, et al. And to Spain and South America countries.

That the group for such escape assistance of a number were also organized.

This will have testified that the original Nazi officials interesting.

“Once in a ship to come to Argentina, there was a thing that was said to me the Secretary Mueller of the Gestapo (secret police) to be strange.

To my question of this in the Third Reich is wonder’s it, Muller replied. “

“Third Reich, but ended at 12 years and there is still a Fourth Reich. Führer (Adolf Hitler) is Nikki made its preparation.”


Will take a further “until the timely arrival time. One generation or two generations, unexpected may take three generations maybe.

Suspect may be achieved while we live. “And it seems to have told also.

Hitler and the thing of it was a caliber such as know to ensure something about Nazi of the fate of the future.

(-_-) ?

I feel such is received as the aim of Fourth Reich in earnest from around “one generation or two generations, three generations maybe”

Another interesting record will introduce because there about it.

Men and women of the 250,000 people from Germany had disappeared!

That’s right there is the same as resident registration system and Japan also in Germany, but for the Allied side, which was stationed in Germany after World War II, says that this resident registration system was very helpful.

That’s right because he can use the indexing of Nazi war criminals hunting and criminals.

But the fact that … that does not believe there is at the same time was found!

As a result of query the resident registration and the actual situation, I fact that huge men and women of 25 million people from Germany was gone has emerged!

This is a person who died in the war and disease, it seems to have a number of with the exception of all and those who are placed in the camp become a prisoner of war.

Narrow because it is not only this man to hide the location of Germany, Allies … suffer from the head

I was lot of research about this fact, that with the conclusion that clearly did not put out

( ̄ー ̄;)ゞ

Will they had been taken to somewhere in order to make the Nazi Fourth Reich? ? ?

It is, maybe … to the South Pole

We will continue chasing the mystery of the Nazi Fourth Reich and the Antarctic expedition next time so thank you.



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