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【Hollow Earth theory】C-19~Nazi Antarctic expedition |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-19~Nazi Antarctic expedition


So, what the Nazis were able to build a Fourth Reich in Antarctica?
I would like to write about.

Along with the shout of “To win the Antarctic!” Of Hitler, Antarctic expedition is started
Expedition of the total of 57 people (including sailors 24 people) is a thing as aimed at the South Pole in the catapult ship Swabia plant issue.

It departed Hamburg in 1938 December 17
It arrived in Antarctica Queen Westmorland off the coast the following year 19 January 1939.

Then over the three weeks, flying around over a wide range of 60 square kilometers in Antarctica seaplane
It is said to have taken aerial photographs of more than one million copies and research from the sky.

The surveyed became Antarctica Queen Westmorland west
That’s right Nazi symbol “swastika flag” was dropped on every 20 kilometers away.

And Antarctic map has been created 10,000 or more sheets of photographs taken from aircraft based on.

It by the Norwegian expedition was created in 1931
Thing and it has been revealed that the “most authoritative Antarctic map” is full of mistakes.

Also by this investigation, surprising fact is now clear for the time!

Is it to Antarctica, it was not only considered a lump of ice, but …
Antarctica is the mountains, such as the 4000m class of the Alps were present form a mountain range.

In addition, there is a zone that does not rain snow in the inland lake = “hot water lake” that does not freeze because of volcanic activity that of that there were some.

In addition, in the vicinity of the hot water lake there is a plant, seems to have found that the human can live even without winter clothes if it is summer.

Moreover lake is not suitable for drinking, that was very delicious Once you actually drink.

In this way, the Antarctic expedition of the expedition made significant achievements,
Since then Hitler fed the expedition as every year, we continued to survey the surrounding islands and the Antarctica.

Hitler regarded the investigation area as the “German territory”,
In addition it will attempt the construction of military bases to dominate the “territory” effectively.

Because it does not reach even the eyes of other countries if at the South Pole, Will was a great place to set up a secret facility.

However, the Nazi Germany there is also a theory of the, not performed an official territorial declared for the survey area …
Hitler eventually, I like was not able to set up a secret base in Antarctica (· Θ ·;)

But I thought I have built a secret base in the basement of the Antarctic, unfortunately …

Ie … In fact, later through a lot of years,
The person who the testimony of the impact of the Nazi and the Antarctic has appeared! !

Some researchers are in New Zealand, says that the opportunity to contact with the (neo-Nazi) of the “highest influential person” (※ name seems not clear).

When researchers in the person has questions as “Why do you currently have in New Zealand?”

“Even to go to Berlin, to get come from Berlin, here is the best because it is convenient,” says the answer.

… However, in Germany in Berlin and New Zealand, since the distance enough to make the front and back surfaces of the Earth is away, I wonder does it mean it is convenient?
Researchers are puzzled and (· _ ·?)

To see it, we speak that man is shocking!

“Of course Berlin know of you far. … I there by Berlin of” Fourth Reich “not
If there say it comes to “New Berlin” “


Researchers to hear it, or the “Fourth Reich” Where is the will? Soon customers ask again if …!

Man … I opened a little while

“It’s under the ice of Antarctica. But there can not go easily. It may may not, but … President can do he achieved a feat to see, within which aims to” capital of the Rainbow “, their own in because he was put away to make a “capital of the rainbow. ‘”

Study who have heard the story of the impact is, I heard a “rumor that Hitler is still alive who should be more than 100-year-old if true or? Alive if, but …”.

And “… Well, people waiting Come on … because many, would be another good …”,

Here influential person interview to the “mystery man” is the end … of the (neo-Nazi)

(━_━) ゝ・・・

Really really does it exist “Nazi Fourth Reich” is in Antarctica?

“Shambhala” discovery in Tibet seems to have missed the load, but,
For this Antarctica, the article “Ken Snell,” wrote the other day (the father of the story of Pinrin-Guroga)

Given the man of the story of the influential person of the current (neo-Nazi), it might have made an important discovery that there is a maybe Antarctica …?

Once up to this time, for the Nazis and the underground city “Shambhala legend” in the hollow Earth theory, I think that wrote nearly ^^;

And I have written checks to here, because for the “Shambhala legend” had to be able to analogy some in my own way, I’d like to either together.

So, thank you because I want to write about the other of the mystery that is derived from the hollow Earth theory from the next time.



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