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【Hollow Earth theory】C-11~Nazi and Tibet of abyss |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-11~Nazi and Tibet of abyss


I think let’s explore gradually the relationship between the Nazis and the Tibet from this time.

Originally the Nazis, had been interested in the savage land of that Tibet.

As a rule the world who win the Central Asia “Heartland”,
Nazi is said to have been focused on Tibet.

The mystery is, took place in 1945 the end of April.

It large number of Tibetan corpses from Berlin has been discovered …

At that time, the capital Berlin of Nazi Germany, was turned into ruins scattered in the rubble and dead bodies.

Bloody Hitler’s ambitions are shattered in front of the allied forces of the all-out attack,
War full of madness over the six years it was going to end soon …

That day, the soldiers of the coalition forces, in order to find the German soldiers that are still hidden,
We were patrolling in the east Berlin district of broken building.

Crumbling room look around one by one, depressed but they are in the room with the first floor, where he discovered the seven German soldiers seems corpse.

It is lying as six corpses draw a circle, one of the corpses in the center …

They the corpse had been familiar, somewhat, I was trying to Torisugiyo as it is even while feeling a sense of discomfort,
At that time, one of the soldiers noticed that there is funny how the corpse, I was stopped by a fellow!

They have looked at again seven man of the corpse to return to its place …

The hands of the man lying on his back in the center of the circle have been organized to firmly pray,
I eerie “green gloves” was fitted to the hand.

However, what surprised than they are, Easterners unquestionably the face of men,

That it was also a Tibetan!

Not only the center of the man, it was a Tibetan who was dressed in a military uniform of all Germany also men around!

The soldiers of the coalition forces, it will be puzzled and stunned by the sight of the front of unexplained …

In Judging just from the situation, the Tibetan people rather than have been killed
… It was that seems to have attempted suicide after some ritual

All of them of the corpse, although both of which are wearing the military uniform of the German soldiers,
If there is identification tag, identification also with was not in possession.

The bodies lay neatly on the ground, in the dagger, each seen as ceremonial, it was through my belly …

As starting with this mysterious incident, everywhere in Berlin
… To be hundreds of bodies also of Tibetan corpses are one after another discovery

In addition, even after the date that Hitler is said to have committed suicide,
It is that there was a force to be robust in the resistance until the last in Berlin

It seems was intense especially fighting in communication management center of Berlin ※.

Bodies of 1,000 soldiers that have been discovered from the ruins of this communication management center also, that it was a Tibetan ··· (. □ .;)! !

They It will be a Hitler’s entourage, I was fighting risking their lives until the very end!

This is a fact that has been widely known, which is also described in the book of Cornelius Ryan “Hitler last battle”.

Heck whether the Tibetan people who had what was in Berlin under the Second World War …?

What is between Nazi Germany and Tibet, there was any connection?

I … mystery deepens. (-_-;

And, a maximum of person that knows this mystery
Adolf Hitler, has disappeared along with the Nazi empire collapse,

… Without any clue to the mystery of Tibetan corpses

But after the war, as the elucidation of the Nazi darkness advance, surprising facts will become clear one after another.

Those of the mystery I want to introduce gradually from now so thank you.



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