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【Hollow Earth theory】C-12~Nazi and the person that connects Tibet |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-12~Nazi and the person that connects Tibet


The first place Why Nazi and Tibet is linked?
This time I want to enter from the opportunity.

It is said that there has been an influence of a man named Karl Haushofer (※).

Karl Haushofer is a typical geopolitical’s Germany.
Haushofer is a general who raised a number of military glory in the first World War,
The large post-war became a geopolitical professor of the University of Munich.
And the person he served as director of the “Munich geopolitical Institute”.

Haushofer … it is with him was also esoteric trend,

For several years from 1908, to stay in Japan as a military officer, that of to have carried out the Zen of research in the meantime.

That before coming to Japan in, has been engaged in intelligence activities in India and Tibet, it seems to have received the mystery from lamas in Tibet.

In addition, he has created a secret society such as “Vuriru Association” (※) in Berlin.

Vuriru Association
Of British author Brewer Lytton,
Occult association that has been formed is inspired by the book “coming race” on the super-race of the future.

The “Vuriru” appears in the “coming race”
To perform the mental concentration training to evoke some sort of cosmic fluid (such as willing to say in China).

Other, it is that there was also the purpose of exploring the roots of the Aryan race.

Haushofer of the University of Munich professor,
Landsberg will be a fateful encounter in prison …

It is a conference with “Adolf Hitler”, which has been caught failing to beer hall riot of Munich in 1923.

This conference is a right-hand man of Hitler,
I was realized by the mediation of Rudolf Hess was also a student of the professor at the University of Munich.

Haushofer is visited Hitler on a daily basis, I was planting the idea of world domination by the occultism to Hitler likely.

Thus Haushofer is, served as Hitler’s political adviser in the 1920s,

At the same time, “Thule Society” mastermind of (※)
Second only to Dietrich Eckart, it became the “esoteric mentor” in the second of Hitler

Thule Society
Secret society was formed in Munich in 1918.
Extreme nationalism and anti-Semitism organization that claims.
In addition, one of the mother of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party).

Thereafter, the boost of Haushofer, the Nazis will be to send a survey team to Tibet many times,

Investigation team was sent every year from 1926 to 1942 is the total contact with the Tibetan monk, I went built up a deep relationship.

In 1926 around, there is a small scale in Berlin and Munich, but finished the “Tibet human-ku”,

Also in 1929, overseas headquarters of Tibet was founded in Germany, Berlin, Nuremberg, that of a branch is placed in Munich.

However, Tibet is I did not mean was fully cooperating with the Nazis …

The told me to cooperate with the Nazis only sect of Tibet, they are in Germany was known as the “Association of green man”.

This is said to have come from strong ties with “MidoriRyukai” of Japan over several hundred years.

In Berlin, Hitler has met the leaders and regularly Tibetan cult, which is also referred to as “the man who the green gloves”,

This person is a monk skilled in predictive power and clairvoyance, or Hitler is only the exact date on which the leaders of Germany, likely was prophesied to the date the Second World War begins.

This accurate prophecy is called the wide interest immediately between the Nazi party members interested in the occult,

Hitler same Himmler (※) also began to feel a strong interest in Tibet.

Heinrich Luitpold Himmler
National Socialist German Workers’ Party of (Nazi Party) SS of (SS)
Was in charge of the party police business was appointed to the third generation Reichsführer-SS.

And it opened the occult training college in Berlin,
It seems to have especially ordered to take a magic courses to executives of the Schutzstaffel (SS) of the (Nazi Party).

Because the next time I think I want to write a chance to Hitler has been idolized in hollow Earth theory,
Thank you.



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