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【Hollow Earth theory】C-18~Nazi aimed at the Antarctic |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-18~Nazi aimed at the Antarctic


I want to write specifically about the Nazi and the Antarctic from this time.

The first place why Hitler was aimed at the South Pole?

It seems of because were particularly interested in the “capital of the rainbow” legend, which is to be in Antarctica of the underground.

The “capital of the Rainbow”?

According to tradition, the “capital of the Rainbow” is, celestials of offspring was flying to the 2.5 million years ago from now, “Hakuran” is, I that it is the underground city that was built in Antarctica underground 300m!

The underground city is a seven in total, says to have been called by name, such as “red city”, “city of the blue,” “green city”.

Also the entire underground city is referred to as the “capital of the rainbow”, things to be due to this thing.

The city is composed of six layers, is a city surrounded by thick ice, built with a material such as a semi-transparent fiber,
Light source other artificial lighting, referred to as skillfully incorporate devising the sunlight had been made.

City inside is warm temperature is kept constant, the streets have continuous orderly tall coniferous forest,

Each of the city are connected by a transparent tube, vehicle has changed therein has been said to be moving quickly.

Here, you will remember the (Richard Bird of the experience).

He city … saw when I wander to the underground world in the polar regions, “shines cities such as pulsation in the rainbow colors appear in their behind.”

Will was that this is a great city that saw Richard Byrd?

Also, it referred to as Hitler had become addicted to “Toure” legend of the Arctic.

Rainbow dance, paradise of “Toure” that the people of immortality live is called “the end of this world” and “covered in fog was the world”, was not only a legend that has been told vaguely.

By the way, this was was formed in honor of the “Toure” legendary, secret society of Germanic cult “Thule Society”,
Its activities have been said then in the foundation “Nazi Party” was born.

Nazi Party, had argued that it is appropriate nation to accept the elite of blood that what Germany Germanic peoples living in “Toure”.

In addition the “Toure” in theory, is that of the underground world of the North Pole with the entrance, it is said that’s the same thing as “Shambhala” legend

Remain in such polar regions, from paradise legend that is in the Earth’s interior, it went growing interest in Hitler’s Antarctic.

And in fact with Hitler’s shout of “‘ll win the South Pole!”, Nazi Antarctic expedition has started.

For it is I want to write next time.



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