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【Hollow Earth theory】C-24~Anunnaki that created the human race |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-24~Anunnaki that created the human race


The last time, a strange skull was discovered in Russian cave,

I wrote or not of organisms, such as travel to Japan “Namahage” or European “Cramps”.

In addition, residents of Planet X “nibiru”, which appeared in the Sumerian myth “Annunaki” (※)

… Thing with this alien is also a life with a corner

That’s right is expressed as “gods” an unna ki Anunnaki in Sumerian.
“An” heaven, “na” is (get down) from, “ki” means the land.
Anunnaki means “those who came down from heaven.”

This is maybe also …! ?

Ancient “Namahage”, “Cramps”, also referred to as the true identity of Santa Claus “Yorupuggi”

And, alien who is in a two-building common point of “Anunnaki”.

[Corners have grown two-legged walking]

※ The image below it has been said to have unearthed at various locations “3000 years ago of those BC”.
Because there may be related to the Anunnaki was put.

Also those of organisms, also common that they had feared from the people (· – ·)

For the “Annunaki” is, gods, etc., honor as a man of inferior ones, that refrain from themselves
Of here

What people fear of (fear)? ?

… No, you should change to fear knowing their true identity …

In addition, when you know the common point that another of some, I think that peep through the door of this mystery just a little bit.

First of all, it is about the undiscovered of Planet X “nibiru”, which is said to be present in the solar system.

The planet two buildings is the most outside of the solar system, and have I circumference in a large elliptical orbit, has been said to be close to the Earth in the 3600-year cycle.

When the two buildings close to the earth, alien “Annunaki” is landed on Earth
In each case, that of the inhabitants of the planet two building gave a wide variety of knowledge to the Sumerians …

One interesting story here.

Mr. late Zecharia Sitchin of linguists in the 1970s has announced many years deciphering the outcome a Sumerian clay plate character.

Its clay plate, alien Anunnaki came from a planet called Nibiru is, scientifically created the earthlings with the gene of the Anunnaki and the monkey,

Create a civilization with earthlings, through the great flood, it is again so Anunnaki was written and taught civilization to mankind.

Here is the interpretation of the detailed description of the clay plate.

From Anunnaki of the body called “Teema” and “sill” of “two holy substance” it has been taken.

The Teema in the sense of “what you want to save the memory”, likely it comes to [gene] Speaking in modern.

It is a mistake that seems to mean “sperm” because they are the “things that can be collected only from the man of the Annunaki” the sill.

And the sill and Teema (gene) of the Anunnaki in the container upcoming cleansed the (sperm), combined with the egg of the ape-man.

That would be that to fertilize the sperm of the monkey’s egg and the Anunnaki.

The fertilized eggs from in the “cleansed upcoming container”, of being transferred to the “template” to a certain period of time development, “the birth of the goddess” in after scold uterus,

In other words it is implanted in the uterus of a woman of the Anunnaki to be a mother.

… When I hatched pretend the steps up to this point, I almost the same as the procedure of modern test-tube baby (; ¯Д¯)

In this way Anunnaki ancient times, this already on the planet have done the genetic manipulation, earthlings I was written in clay plate to be “the Anunnaki and ape-man of breeding species”!

Based on the above we will enter into the next core from here so thank you.



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