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【Hollow Earth theory】C-26~【surprise】Hitler was alive |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-26~【surprise】Hitler was alive


That “Adolf Hitler was alive !!”

‘re Preaching the theory of this startle is Akio Asuka of science entertainer.

For Hitler is why before moving on to the story if it were needed to live a long time until this much,

^^ That you will be a little excursion to explore it;

Actually to dominate the world military power, according to Asuka said,

It says that it is the government of the United States of shadow “Secret Government”.

In other words, it is in Gunsan complex, the center is at the NSA (National Security Agency),
That crowns the top you that’s Rockefeller (※)!

※ of the United States, entrepreneurs, millionaires, oil tycoon.

NSA playmaker, but is that of the Pentagon (US Department of Defense),
Thing and end up in Rockefeller eventually.

According to the Asuka theory, the core of the Secret Government Rockefeller and Rothschild,

And it is composed of 12 people that have been elected from the military-industrial complex, which is the total has been referred to as the alias twelve committee.

There is one vacancy in the secret meeting, the 13th man … it is what! It seems to have been said to be Adolf Hitler.

Then, we have the presence that is in the head of the table at the time of the meeting, and an indication to them 13 people, including Hitler,

It is also said to be manipulating the world.

Of its existence?

It is, [two priestess of Vuriru Association] Nazi secret society! !

For “Vuriru Association” is, but I touched a little also in Chapter 12 – Nazis and the person that connects the Tibetan [hollow Earth theory],

In occult association was formed in Germany in 1918, and is Vuriru, a cosmic fluid that appear in the novel “coming race”,

It is said to have become one of the Nazi roots.

Hitler dispatched Agartha (Aruzaru) search Corps around the world,

Put in hand the wisdom, so that there is an urban legend that won such power and UFO manufacturing technology of world domination,

The Aruzaru, it is also said that sub-space world that exists in the Earth’s interior.

Then, the Nazis that led to the sub-space world, with super powers who two women who came from the underground world called its “Aruzaru”, Taurus of Kanata 68 light-years from Earth, to contact and Aldebaran, the Earth a variety of information that people do not know custody is said to have been obtained from the beyond of the universe.

Had been used at that time seems to Vuriruya (capacity, such as willing to say in the East).

Of course, there is a ridiculous hypothesis, there is a world called “Aruzaru of darkness.” According to Mr. Asuka,

What, … and also have a basement of that the Pentagon is in its inlet

Then, two of the shaman (witch) of Vuriru Association, has been said to communicate with its “Aruzaru people of darkness”.

The life of Aruzaru of darkness in Kasoketai (entity), says that it is a monster that was the ugly face with green skin.

Entity but has been translated as “spiritual body”, because of that Reitai is a 5-dimensional body that took off Kasoketai,

The translated as “Kasoketai” be that it is appropriate.

While on the ground there is no human green skin, according to Asuka said, it seems like once existed.

For this, I have mentioned in the mystery of the green children came from Chapter 20 – a different world [hollow Earth theory],

Maybe Once the human green skin might underground people …

※ 2 people priestess of one that came out from “Aruzaru” has been also said to have been a green skin.

And, is the ruler of Aruzaru of the darkness is that it is “the darkness of Lucifer.”

Supervisor that has the most power in the hell-Makai, or “devil”.

In other words, it is Satan, Satan means “adversary” in Hebrew, seems the words in the Bible are used in many ways.

But in the ultimate sense, things that it is the word to refer to the fallen hostile to God “Lucifer”.

Back to talk to two of the shaman, but why and say what came out from “Aruzaru”, on charges of the two men had eaten a human (cannibalism)

That is right has been expelled “Aruzaru”.

In addition, women of life Toka are said to be about 1000 ·· w (¯ △ ¯;) w

2 people priestess of the image.

By the way, have this Aruzaru people from time immemorial been sighted all over the world, in Japan, Namahage

A person of Nordic model of this green Santa Claus is said to Aruzaru people

Namahage is, Eaters kidnapping a child, also a Santa Claus was cladding after the kidnapping put the child in a bag …

This is, so we wrote in the identity of the hollow Earth theory] Chapter 22 – Santa Claus, please read if you are interested ^^;

Next time will therefore please I would like to explore about where Hitler are here.



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