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【Hollow Earth theory】C-27~Hitler's place |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-27~Hitler’s place


So, I think the last continuation, and would like to enter into the mystery of the place where Hitler are here.

In fact, it had been instructed to world domination to Hitler, have been said to be two of the priestess that was introduced last time,

Thing with Hitler is depressed in World War II led a Nazi by the girls of the Annunciation.

However, Berlin in April 1945 fall …

In theory, it has been reported to have committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun, Hitler corpse and that has been the public seems to have been a different person. ← This is true-ish

But I also saw myself, to the ears of the form is clearly different, if I am a different person even look (-_-; Woonsocket

Moscow has been kept Hitler’s skull, but so their bones in the state-of-the-art DNA testing has also found with those of women.

In addition, the inexplicable, it of the body of Eva Braun, which is said to have died together also undiscovered …

In fact, it is asleep is that of Eva Braun dead bodies, was unusual places.

It is, what, the United States of Arlington National Cemetery! (※)

※ Arlington National Cemetery;
Such as the war dead and victims of terrorism, memorial facility to be buried only person who did their loyalty to the United States

Here, because the National Cemetery, to be certified in the country of the United States, it will not be buried here.

Why dictator Hitler’s wife here, what are sleeping body of Eva Braun …?

Here we will explore from Hitler survival theory that remain around the world.

・ Made a secret base in Antarctica via South America.

・He lived to be 95 years of age in Argentina.

・Secretly exile in Japan is an ally.

・ Moved to other planets in the UFO with Nazi remnants ^^;

These are, seems to all Black propaganda According to the Asuka Mr.!

Where it has disappeared after the defeat Hitler?

It is top secret strategy “Operation Paperclip” of the United States (※) to seems to have a hint.

Operation Paperclip:

Through immediately after the end of the war from the Second World War the end, the US military is an excellent scientist of Germany, that from Germany in several thousand units of the code name of a series of strategy that was taken to the United States.

However, in this “Operation Paperclip” is jargon, the real aim of the United States, is also said to have had Operation Paperclip → “Hitler capture strategy”.

Paper The … refers to the man to carry with the messenger, clip and is … I stop, is so there is also a sense that the capture.

Together with this, messenger soldiers capture project!

It is not in fact was little known, but Hitler, during the First World War, had been assigned as a messenger soldiers Bavarian 16th reserve infantry regiment.

According to it, that of the Hitler are Jukun twice been evaluated the activity of messenger as soldiers until the end of the war.

In other words, the messenger soldiers capture project, I mean that was “Hitler capture strategy”.

The final goal is to have been said that was to bring Hitler to the United States,

On the evidence, put the American ships from Scandinavia, photos that are said to have been taken on the way to return him to the United States is so present hundreds rather’m one or two!

Furthermore shock Nanoha, the photo that is said to have been shot in Washington, is also photographed figure that is chatting at the same table as the President of the United States, “Truman” at the time.

In short it is why Hitler had fled to the safest country.

Of course, his wife Eva Braun also would had to go to the United States together.

Now, I understand why that of Eva Braun dead bodies have been buried in the United States of Arlington National Cemetery.

However, the fact no such ridiculous seems to have been buried in the darkness as a fact that should not be touched … no reason to rest on the textbook.

By the way, do you Hitler Where are current?

It is … in the most unlikely place not in the United States!

It’s here! !

・Pentagon (US Department of Defense)

The Pentagon, as far as has been announced, but it is said that the second floor underground,

It has been also that there was a hydrogen bomb Pentagon plan to the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Sonaruto, I do not can rest assured ‘s second floor of depth underground ^^;

That’s gonna be underground on 2 Kai’ for is impossible.

It is 1941 in the Pentagon which construction has been started, but likely was already the fifth floor underground at the stage where I started making and due to the testimony of witnesses.

※ thing with some up to 11 floors underground in the theory.

Since short there is a need to hide something important, I mean that deception that it is the second floor underground.

So, in fact, is so is there that should not be not hidden that are said to be Hitler.

In addition, we have what Hitler is still alive! ! (° ▽ °;) edge !!?

※ Asuka theory.

Since the longer it will continues also to next time ^^;



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