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【Hollow Earth theory】C-13~Hitler was fascinated by the underground world |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-13~Hitler was fascinated by the underground world


This time, what came to Hitler is why attention to the “underground world” and “Shambhala legend of Tibet”

I think I want to write it.

The person wrote in the previous article, which became a direct bridge between the Nazi and Tibet

There is a book called “coming race” to the favorite book of the “Karl Haushofer”

Under the influence of this novel that made a secret society called “Vuriru Association” was introduced.

He was lent this book to Hitler, sure enough, I Hitler also become addicted to this book.

This “coming race” is a SF novel written by British novelist Bulwer Lytton, in 1871,

The story gives a decisive influence on Hitler,
“Shambhala legend” and in helping to link the Nazis, it was supposed to play a very important role …

The “coming race”, what kind of content or novel of the of?

It is a story that depicts the secret of advanced civilization that flourished in the underground.

We have put together a brief content of the book.

Underground ethnic “Vuriru Ya” includes, but is was a nation that originally lived on the ground,

Fleeing natural disasters such as flood, refuge in the mountains of the cave, and finally there lead to up to build the underground city.

And, where tremendous discovered the unknown energy “Vuriru power”, it began to make full use of far ultra-science advanced from the ground of the human race.

Furthermore people are allowed to bloom a psychic ability that is based on the “Vuriru power”,

This underground nation back on the ground After time there is a coming, … you be eager to prey on to dominate the entire planet and destroy the surface of the earth ethnic

That is the content.

To “Brewer Lytton” the end of the author, this formidable underground ethnic groups to appear on the ground, and the desire to be slow even a little
As a warning to the human race, we have signed this story.

※ At the time that this novel has been announced, also says the debate has been performed many times between the British secret societies around the authenticity of this story, “Golden Dawn”.

Brewer Litton of the author, but had claimed to be a fiction,

In that there was also reason that he himself was a member of the secret society of actually Rosicrucian system in a mystic

Many of the “Golden Dawn” team members seems to have thought that Brewer Lytton is must have actually in contact with the underground people.

In fact, the members of this “Golden Dawn” Team Germany branch, there was a “Karl Haushofer”!

He is India to military era, Asia, but had visited Japan, this time, to deeply study the mysticism of Asia,

The we also had gained knowledge about that “Shambhala legend”.

Haushofer is, underground kingdom “Agartha” in the hidden city of God, is what human beings also put no place in the world,

The capital has stated that “Shambhala”.

Furthermore Haushofer, the central Asia region with a focus on Agartha what was believed to be a land of Germanic tribes originated.

And this area, we came to the conclusion that the domination of the world by completely dominate the Central Asia (Heartland) can be achieved.

Ie those who win the “Heartland” is if he supremacy of the world! !

Karl Haushofer and Hitler’s fateful encounter, Landsberg it had been a prison after the First World War, was introduced last time,

He had lent the “coming race” to the Hitler seems was at this time.

Hitler to turn the page in a jail cell, I say that I remember the excitement with a strong impact.

Also, Hitler is the description of Haushofer (※), this novel we are informed that it was written on the basis of fact.

※ thought of the author Brewer Litton of “coming race” has a contact with the actual underground people a member of the secret society.

Then Hitler commanded the scholars, and then try to take the back of the story of Haushofer.

It is to investigate the life of the author Brewer Lytton,

And the exact location of the mines Brewer Lytton think that you might have found a tunnel leading to the “Vuriru Ya”, and was not indexed until the date and time you visit.

Also Hitler, welcomed the Tibetan monks that seems to be deep involvement as “Shambhala” at this time in many Berlin,

By them seems to have inherited “Vuriru power”, it seems to have been trying to support the military policy.

Tibetan monks are located everywhere in Berlin, says that had carried out the ritual to pray for Nazi victory.

And even Hitler himself, in advancing the policy, often seek the opinion to the higher of the monk

In addition, when the cause of the military action by using a special Tibetan esoteric cards, things to have been a kind of fortune-telling.

This method is what was used and became a mother of “Nazi Party”, “Thule Society,” but, Hitler seems to have been to before familiar with this fortune-telling.

In addition to there is a book that sparked the interest in Hitler’s underground of “coming race”.

1925, is of Poland who explored the Central Asia of the “F · Hossein Waldorf skiing” book “beast-man-gods”.

This conviction of Hitler for the presence of a highly civilized people that are in the depths of the earth is said to have become a thing of the immovable.

This and extraordinary admiration to Hitler’s underground world as, was aroused insatiable curiosity to the “Tibet Shambhala legend” is,
And the tremendous impact of Haushofer, novel of Brewer Lytton “coming race”,

And it seems that large due to the “F · Hossein Waldorf skiing” book of the “beast-man-gods”.

From the next time, I would like to follow the Nazi Tibetan expedition therefore please.



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