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【Hollow Earth theory】C-20~Green children of mystery |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-20~Green children of mystery


This time, I think I want to write the strange story of the old days was the United Kingdom.

Although lore, such as support of the hollow Earth theory is there to everywhere around the world, it is, … even here in the United Kingdom

It is that of the 12 century.

In the town of Suffolk wool pit, children in which the whole body green has appeared suddenly! Σ (° д °;) !?

That emerged from two of the cave of the village, boys and girls, it that had been what the whole body green from head to toe of the foot.

They did not even know the word, seems frightened to changes in the sudden environment, pathetic I thought farmers were back him to the village.

I think that the stomach is empty, only beans that gave the food went to … just sheath that do not you try your hand seems to have in the mouth.

Before long, now eat the bread, and comes to the same diet as the general of the British, gradually faded color of the skin, I that has become, if not the same as the skin of the local people.

Of living in the village, the children remember the English, was received until the baptism of Christianity.

Unfortunately, then the body was weak boy, will die with debilitating …

On the other hand, a girl named Agnes grew up in strong, after being hired as a servant of the house, and the adult, that of a married man who lives in a town called phosphorus.

She lived a happy life, it is said to have live longer than her husband.

But, they are on earth, what came from where someone ( ̄ー ̄?) ….. ??

When asked to villagers, it seems they had decided to say “St. Martin’s Land”.

They say, was taken to his father to go out, and have to eat the grass to the flock of sheep, suddenly, called the storm has been struck.

At that time, consciousness is to keep away from him, … becomes a dark is around!

When the notice … and in the midst of the cave brothers two people only, but because it was the field of wool pit and leave from there.

No such thing as the sun is in the St. Martin’s land that they lived, and there was no night.

Just called the state, such as the sunrise and the sunset was much followed the world.

But then there was an island that shines on the other side of the river that flows nearby, but because I did not can absolutely go.

Referred to as the shining island was unclear what it means, but strong sunlight due there is no, there seems people are all skin had a green.

··· (¯ ¯;)

According to the records of the United Kingdom of the church there are still this tradition, except green children of skin color
There was no place to change the general British, but as appearance is reminiscent of racial Asian.

The green of the children in this wool pit incident, Will was someone (¯ω¯;)? ?

The “Saint Martin’s land” with (just the world that condition persists much like sunrise and sunset) is, seemingly due to the light of the “Central Sun”, which is said to be in the center of the Earth …?

In addition, … whether a thing of “great city shining light pulsates to the rainbow color” is a shiny island you can not go was looking at them?

In fact, the same kind of story and this is also in Spain.

August One day in 1887, from the cave near the village of Spain Banhosu, came out a boy and a girl.

Farmers astonished to see the two people that! !

The children of the skin It was green like grass. ← It is the same kind of feel to here ^^;

But from here it is strange …

When the farmers saw well close to them, two of the eyes that is that it was a form such as almonds.

In addition, it seems they were wearing the clothes of a material such as not known for its 19th-century Spain.

Anyway, nobody I could not understand their words …

Then, is what happened to two people do not know ··; (━_━) ゝ

Still, thank you so will continue the story surrounding this hollow Earth theory in the future.



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