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【Hollow Earth theory】C-17~Fourth Reich and Aruzaru |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-17~Fourth Reich and Aruzaru


This time, a reporter for the “Nazi Fourth Reich”
First of all because there is a record of the had grabbed the information, we will introduce that person.

It is a man named “Ken Snell” (※).

Ken Snell:
Journalist of Australian resident
“Saigon Daily News” paper reporter.

He is the 1968, which has been active in the Vietnam War, we have received a shocking information about the “Nazi Fourth Reich”.

At the time, referred to as the Vung Tau 17-year-old girl claiming to Pinrin-Guroga to him during the stay has been asked in an interview.

His thing is so knew in newspaper column (the mystery surrounding Hitler articles, etc.).

She is a Hanoi-born, his father had become not know whereabouts already evaporated at birth.

Pinrin has been deposited at the aunt when it comes to the 9-year-old, says the letter of the mother died three years later has arrived.

The letter, was intended from the Tibetan monk hip-Shilin to know well the parents of Pinrin.

At the same time as the mother of death in the letter, to know the shocking truth of his father (¯ □ ¯;)! !

There what is, her father Carl Guroga is,
In SS (Schutzstaffel), it was written it was a subordinate of Martin Bormann of Hitler’s entourage!

↑(Martin Ludwig Bormann、1900/6/17 ~ 1945/5/2)

And he, Hitler Ya in preparation for the defeat of Germany
It was that of to have been attached to the top-secret mission to secure a route to escape the scientists dignitaries our government.

After the German defeat, her father seems to have been hiding in the temple of the monk hip Shilin.

And that her father Karl Guroga is Inokoshi “We go to see the most powerful of two people in the world”, was the temple after.

Then, according to the lamas who visited the temple from the Tibetan hinterland, has been stay “two friendly of the mystery” in eastern Tibet of the temple, a soldier with a weapon unfamiliar that two people had been escort of thing.

Perhaps with its two, Will was Hitler and Martin Bormann.

Carl Guroga will appeared in Hanoi in 1948 again!

And again we stayed at the temple of the monk Hip Shilin, but that time seems to have been with the three scientists.

Hip Shilin is, one of them is that it was introduced as “It’s a person who holds the key to space travel.”

They are also in the guidance of Karl Guroga, I spoke also went to a certain location.

If “there is where?” And hip-Shilin hear, the “End of the World”, likely he answered with a laugh Carl Guroga.

The Carl Guroga have then returned to Hanoi in 1951 after three years, this time he is a part of the Nazi secret, was revealed to the monk hip Shilin.

“My homeland is I have received assistance from that the most progress. Moreover, there is [another] exist on the planet.

Now, what we’re produces all is what phenomenal.

[Different world] to flying Ikeru flight equipment and the global intrusion possible flight submarine to the center of. Then a huge city was also the construction, “he said.

Say up there, Carl Guroga is that showed the awkward expression that was too talking.

But monks still ask, “there Where is the?” And …

“It’s impossible’m flying, but it can be! Moon can not be seen to go if land, there is a place like that … see the sun of the earth.”

And Inokoshi, he went away …

After that, the story of this Karl Guroga is featured in the column of the “Saigon Daily News” paper “Ken Snell”, it says that it created a sensation.

“Likely to be the fact that it was written in the letter is extremely high. Anyway and should have also to the person who holds the key of this mystery is the other …”

He has concluded the column wrote this.

(━_━) ゝ

It is interesting content.

In the center of the underground world “Aruzaru”, has been referred to as the “Central Sun”, which is also referred to as the central sun of the Earth’s interior is shining brilliantly (prenatal).

Or the Earth of the sun to speak of Karl Guroga, Will was that? ?

Next time I think let’s finally move the story to the Antarctic therefore please.



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