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【Hollow Earth theory】C-21~Five color Mankind mystery |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-21~Five color Mankind mystery


Currently black, yellow people, but three types of race of white are available to you in the world, is a long time ago is said to have had even race that red people and blue people.

Takeuchi document (※) that the human race of the five colors in the world also in ultra ancient literature (Humanity of Pentathlon-five colors) were present.
Description of the … also seems ^^;

※ Takeuchi document
And the document that was marked by jindai moji, manuscripts group to it by the royal command of Emperor Buretsu Heguri Matricaria grandson of Takeuchi Takenouchi no (Takenouchi no of Takenouchi) (Matricaria of Heguri) was translated into Kanji and Katakana and Pepper sentence
In addition it is also said to be the world’s oldest history book.
Book of the so-called ancient history fable.

• The following image is the “five colors human face” on the bill stand Shrine of Aso Kyushu (Jingu on Heita).

Black from the left (KuroBito), is Caucasian (ShiroBito), yellow people (Kibito), red people (Akabito), blue people (AoBito).
※ things that followed from the ancient “five colors Deity Festival” will be held in August every year.

According to its Takeuchi document, I once colorful people were on the earth, it occurs disasters on the planet is covered on one side the sea, some of which are almost but was saved by a flying boat was destroyed.

Although the human race was nearing destruction by global scale of disaster, like the story say that began to also prosper from a person of some who survived, it is just a story, such as Noah’s Ark.

By the way, but it is colorful people, yellow people (Kibito), blacks (KuroBito), but you know about the Caucasian (ShiroBito),
Red people (Akabito), but it does not know the blue people (AoBito) …

Maybe, do you wearing to the dawn of time?

By the way, the Mongoloid (including Japanese) is referred to as a blue spot (blue spot), blue bruises of such dye, I will come out, such as in the ass in childhood, this is the former part of the blue people of the gene It is said to be because it contains.

Well, … that we tell from the children’s testimony in “systemic green children of the mystery” of the last time (the sun without the world of story) and they might have come from the underground world

Actually …!

To convey this “red people” and “blue people” is also, I have a theory that I think we as the underground world inhabitants!

Here, the “hollow Earth theory,” also will be landed in Japan, where at last there are us! ^^;

Speaking of things that come up in the “red people” and “blue people” in Japan! ?

Yes, but it is “Namahage” of this Akita ^^;

The identity of the [Namahage] going kidnapping the crying child is, in fact! It was underground people!?

I called … !!

“Namahage” As you know is a red ogre and blue demon.

The Namahage (demon) is a Japan of indigenous people, it is also so because it is the people of the mountain is a dogma of folklore.

They eat a rehearsal the meat the children to come to the beaten track has a kitchen knife in hand from the mountains.

By the way the demon from where come, the first place is a demon is also referred to as the “alien world of residents” living in the mountain.

Alien world and the place where the demon in anywhere of things to do … Buddhism, it is the lowest layer, hell of deities.

I think in the land of the bottom if there is a hell just from “underground” They had come to this world …

In addition, it seems that they even at that time people had thought to live in the mountains of the cave.

And maybe you think, ever be that there is an entrance to the Japan of the Northeast underground also in a rural world?

Also, interesting is, festival called this was similar to the “Namahage” “Cramps” There is also in Europe.

It also seems organisms fly corner in the legend of Central Europe has come from the tradition that eats recap the children, Germany, Hungary, Romania, in some areas of Austria, and the events that take place during the Christmas season is the.

↓ this is.

Content, the bad child but that the West version called “Cramps,” “Namahage” is coming,
December 5 St. Nikolaus and Festival made on the eve of the Cramps appeared here and there in the town, is attacked “being bad” who are walking around the town until late at night to encourage so that the “good child” you around.

It is similar Ri ~ kana until the contents from those wearing the “Namahage” of Japan (¯ω¯;)

(-_-) ・・・

That’s the same up here, I thought a long time ago in such organisms (demon?) Be that had come from another world …

But, this is the old days, I think we actually have and scary Do ~~ Σ (||| ▽ |||)

Earth cavity theory, because still continues only a little more, also thank you next time ^^



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