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【Hollow Earth theory】C-9~Experience of Theodor Ilion horror |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-9~Experience of Theodor Ilion horror


At the location “Theodor Ilion” is said to have arrived Sampo valley

The secret society of the underground world,

I found the easy-to-understand detailed records I’d like to introduce.

Since the advance apology … this time is quite long, please understand ^^;

“Theodore Ilion” is, in the first place why headed to the “valley” …?

1934 cleverly hidden that it is a Caucasian, Theodor Ilion who sneaked into Tibet in disguise.

He is in Tibet, things to have, such as necromancy and flying lama, the spectacle amazing to the eye.

On one occasion, he had to watch the play that theme of religious ritual, you encounter a girl named Dolma.

She is dressed in a neat, I was wearing a fairly liberal arts.

And while you talk about religion and mysticism, … that Dolma opens the mind to the Ilion, I began to talk about his teacher
The name of the teacher is good and Nabeul, was the high rank nobility in Tibet.

Ilion is to meet in Nabeul to hand the invitation was written by Dolma, but where I that was supposed to know the existence of a secret society.

Ilion was interested in secret society with a special mysticism, under the guidance of Nabeul, it will go to their capital.

The headquarters of the secret society is so was in the tributary of the Sampo canyon “mystery of the valley.”

Talking about the valley of the mystery is a taboo, it is said that human beings will always be similar Crock been there,
He is also thinking to dubious, we arrive to the canyon that aim.

Here is a from the experience of Theodor Ilion horror.

There is a sequence of three of the slate in the riverbed of the dry canyon, the word in the sense of boundary has been written.

Ilion is enlightenment that it is the gate of the capital of the secret society, and advance to the middle, one is a huge vertical hole of about 10 m in diameter there.

On the periphery is surrounded by a high wooden wall, one side is seven glass plate of 40 meters more than, are arranged at regular intervals while drawing a circle with a radius of 100 meters.

In the vicinity of the glass plate has a staircase, it goes down and because there was a door Ilion has no reply has been knocking on the door …

And reluctantly have to explore the surrounding area, a man came up the stairs.
He was wearing a neat kimono.

Ilion, when stating that he was able invitation of Nabeul, are told to wait for a while.

Here, that’s to start its activities in the afternoon.

… Followed by a man wearing a cotton clothes appeared, but he did not feel thing called animation.

And the expressionless and empty eyes, I almost like the dead …

Ilion has been tried is not throwing it to the stone to find a vertical hole, not the sound of the crash to the bottom even after forever.

If when trying to Nagekomo a larger stone!
Another Tibetans appeared from underground, it has been restrained in the frosty eyes.

Soon residents of the underground began its activities.

And the lower layer people inhabitants wearing cotton clothes apparently, it seems divided into two ruling wearing a silk robe.

Although human ruling was handsome beauty, there is no thing called emotion
Rather than a brooding, or living dead zombie, … it was like the puppet robot

The holy city that is home to about 100 human beings.

According to the facilitator named Ramochun, that whites who visited the holy city is the second person in Ilion.

The first one person, here seems to have finished the life … that the body is buried in the magnificent temple.

Their building, all were in the basement. Residents have a sleeping in the building.

Just washroom is only one place in a remote location.

Hear it, that is to keep clean as possible through the capital.

… Time of the meal came soon.

Here gather twice everyone cafeteria one day.
Meal to be issued was like stew that contains the meat dishes.

Every time you eat something strange, accident happened in the spirit of Ilion.
Calm judgment is dull, thinking force decreases.

Instead interval is honed in, intuition is working, things will come sprout like what of whether perspective and prescient.

But Ilion body, was for some reason reject the meal.

And at night, Ilion saw a nightmare …

… In its dream, we are fighting the children of the angels to show expressionless and unique look ruthless devils.

But always the devil is predominant, angels go attacked.
He also wake up nightmare night, I saw repeated the same dream again fall asleep.

Do exactly the dream What are you telling? Nightmare suddenly, greet the end.

When the devil and the angel is continue to fight, the advent of one of the brilliant man from heaven, cry and should not put out a hand to the children!

It surprised the devil who is of the atomization by changing the appearance in rats and frogs to this.

In this case, Ilion is was realized something the identity of the holy city …

Ilion you feel that there is a problem with the food to be issued, then, it was stopped eating.

Then, as expected, and revived the selfishness of thinking, it became to be able to calm judgment.

Before long, Ilion is allowed an audience (audience) to the prince, “Mani Rinpochu” of light to dominate the holy city.

Even a member of the secret society, the can interview the prince of light is a few minutes the other hand, Ilion was the exceptional treatment of 30 minutes.

Members of human beings worshiped as God the prince of light, had been believed to be the Messiah to save the world, Ilion was beginning to embrace the doubt.

Every time you see the society of the holy city, I had felt the smell of arrogant ego.

During audience, members had to change into clothes for black ritual.

However, Ilion has denied!
It is because there is thought that it is important there is that faces in the form of leave.

Surprise around the person who, although confused, prince of light was accepted.
Thus, Ilion was passed to the sanctuary of the palace.

There is lined with seven executives, are taken to further nine of the chief priests, finally Ilion will be standing in front of the prince of light.

Prince of light in the tall, had hung a long white beard. Meek to behave like the emperor with dignity, he preached that we should fulfill the mission against Ilion.

If he spend three days in the holy city, he was told it would realize the important significance.

The talks lasted longer than expected, but the Ilion is was not able to believe the prince of words of not convinced light.

It remains distrust raise, audience (audience) of the time is too …
The people around us, to congratulate Ilion, talked about the teachings of the secret.

Ilion, through the ritual of secret, that kept thinking what a holy city.

… After a while, open the door of the palace, when the prince of light comes out, prince of light is standing in front of Ilion, the determination is either solidified, “he spoke to me in a metallic voice in the sky filtrate It was.

Ilion and “was masses” against it answered resolutely.
Then prince of light has been sprayed a deep breath in the face.

Ilion and “sorcerer Me. Do not finally reveal the nature!” I murmured in my mind.

Moment, Ilion is term “order in the Creator of the name! Get back!” In body and soul and cried! ! It is clear Naru rejection.

In the home of secret societies, it rebelled against the leader of the intention, if overtly insult, can be seen in what happens children.

Ilion felt the danger is, began to run like a scared rabbit, it had left the holy city at full speed.

However, they have been multiplied by the curse against Ilion should say traitor! !

It is killing curse!

Ilion is, from beginning to end in the sense that has entered into the coffin, but was attacked that was able to come back home … somehow alive.

Ilion is the way to escape from Sampo canyon, meet the gang headed to the holy city.

… What they’ve been carrying was a corpse

A large number of human bodies dead in various places, it had carried put on a stretcher.

Gang is a senior official of the holy city, and arrange the bodies lower people have carried, it began to black magic.

Then, surprisingly, it is the three-body of the corpse was resuscitated!

… The figure walk standing up on their own is like a robot, there is no animation in the eyes …

In other words, the lower people of the holy city is it was a zombie! Resuscitated only once human body dead, it had been used as slaves.

Bodies remaining, … the food of the holy city

Ruling also holy city of residents is lower people also, prince of light also, it had to clutch the human flesh!

Ilion is, that if I think had eaten the corpse not even notice myself, remember the horror.

Thinking each time to eat is lost, I felt the animation is going to be taken away is, we it was realized that because it was human flesh.

Ilion is, when I saw my face in the mirror of the holy city, was surprised at his own face reflected in the mirror.
About, it is not dwelled soul. It is as if the was like a dead man. The book of Ilion are described in the following manner.

“They are all, as you do not like this was a fallen angel. God, it was a angel who lost their glory for that.

Back prospect that they otherwise dropped threw himself headlong into the abyss is now drawn to a fellow the other Sha us, it was trying to Otoshiireyo to the abyss.

The prince of light, actually was a prince of darkness disguised as light. “

^^ That was long rude;

Experience of horror in Sampo valley of Ilion is over.

In fact, the secret society of Sampo valley have been said to be the population of the sinners from the “Shambhala”, … and the sin

“Cannibalism”! ! It is said that ….

They also from the experience of Ilion is to say that eating human flesh, the holy city in the Sampo canyon, you will be considered a penal colony of Shambhala.

From the above, here “Sampo valley” secret society of the underground world of is likely there is indirectly related to the “Shambala”, but …

Again, I like this place is in the “Shambhala” of genuine, did not.

Also part of zombie because too unrealistic,

People who came in as the carried the corpse, it appears to have fallen into a temporary state of suspended animation for some drugs.

That is the secret societies, prime the medicine to human beings with no relatives in the surrounding area, makes them look like dead

Hakobidashi because the processing of the corpse,

The in I think was working as slaves to make their underground city?

It has said that Ilion also became mental instability state by eating human flesh

Perhaps there is also a possibility that had been piled something of the drug in food.

In addition, from the downlink of Ilion was allowed an audience to the prince of light in an exceptional treatment

By maybe the drug and their brainwashing, it might have been drawn into the fellow …

… Then Ilion will return to Germany in 1936.

And 1937, a shocking experience was presented at two books called “the mystery of Tibet”, “Tibet of darkness”.

Next time to explore Tibet, so I will introduce the experience of another person who was approaching the secret of this Sampo valley, thank you.



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