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【Hollow Earth theory】C-28~【shock】Current figure of Hitler! |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-28~【shock】Current figure of Hitler!


It is the last of the continuation, but Hitler is so is still alive!

If, When and alive … what! !

127-year-old …! ! !  Σ (° ◇ °;)

Why it could also be live longer so much …?

It is said the longevity gene of two priestess of Aruzaru people (life about 1000 years) to be because that was injected to Hitler.

It is a little shocking, but this seems the current Hitler. (Because the viewing attention, directly ^^ did not paste; you will be expected to click)

Pentagon: Hitler (image)

While this other than in the photo also seems to be a lot, it seems to be a few pieces of have been published (· _ ·;)

Will mutation in the adverse effects or … cell due to the injection of Aruzaru’s gene happened …?

In this state, we are walking the thing with the … intelligence I would Mamanaranai are firmly aware of as it is.

However, this Hitler of life has been said to be about to run out on the verge …

When there is no Hitler, you 13 people and two priestess of seats that are manipulating the world in the back will be vacant one.

Person to enter the vacant seat is not already decided, things that it is our well know super celebrity!

Going forward, it’s relationship subspace the world “Aruzaru of darkness” of the “Secret Government” of underground goes on.

And, the world as good their convenience it will be manipulated.

It has been also said that artificial reduction plans and the human race total brainwashing plan that has been underway in secret (devil of mankind total jersey number system -666).

By the way to the entrance and Europe of Rothschild of the building of the Rockefeller building in the Fifth Avenue in New York, both the case number of the 666 it has been engraved,

Thing and will be branded as the beast of the number 666 when they fall into their hands.

Japan also have been already manipulated, Japanese coins, that is “500-yen coin,” “100-yen coin,” “50-yen coin,” “10-yen coin,” “5-yen coin” and “1-yen coin”, combined with all its ” There is also pointed out that say to be the 666 “.

… Might be too late, but to be able to delay the mankind total brainwashing plan even a little, we would like to be informed at any time if also something information is put in the future.

Well, for the mystery of the majority of which is derived from the hollow Earth theory up to this time, we have roughly allowed to write.

Here and we have once placed about the hollow Earth theory, because I would like to pursue is also about other mysteries of the world to become their own care

^^ Thank you both future



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