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【Hollow Earth theory】C-25~Anunnaki and Namahage – common point |

【Hollow Earth theory】C-25~Anunnaki and Namahage – common point


To begin with why, “Annunaki” is, whether I thought Let’s make earthlings came to our stars?

About it if you read the following rather than they, such as “God”, you can see that is evil exist!

So, it might of had been created from maybe “devil” …

The description of the Sumerian clay tablets, is so hard toil of the gods (that of the Annunaki) are written with heavy work was pretty painful.

Therefore “Annunaki” is that that there is a shock of description that made the earthlings to impose the hard labor in the cloning!

There are

Because of the birth of the goddess is present it is sufficient made the primitive workers.

Let the person to bear the yoke (which bound the freedom), the person … Let bear the gods of servitude to (clone of earthling)

It has been written! (━_━) ゝ

In other words, in this kind of prehistory,
The first of the human race, and earthlings was born it is written in Sumerian ancient documents! !

The man is in the Sumerian has been referred to as the “Lulu”, the literal meaning is “mixed the thing”.

Anunnaki and to complete the human once, will attempt to mass production as for labor!

Then how about there are described as follows.

Wise and knowledgeable 7 2 times the birth of the goddess of were collected.

Place the seven to the right, … we put a “template” in between them to put the seven to the left

7 people birth to a man, 7 people gave birth to a girl

The birth of the goddess gave birth to wind of the breath of life

They are complete in front of her are paired

If there is no prior knowledge of cormorant-free “Anunnaki” was doing genetic manipulation
I’m do not know whether this description is mean …

But this is, its meaning in the 21st century are described finally in this ancient documents

It was found that “men and women of the production has been made in the technology of cloning”.

Certainly, it would have been gibberish After reading this description an old man …

That is, it is that the human race has become to be able to extend to them finally in the 21st century feet ^^;

In addition, if the continue to decipher the ancient documents together against the modern science, says that it can be seen that, such as:

Initially, the growing human race is, so-called cloning technology was used.

At the time of the human race because it was the Anunnaki and ape-man of hybrids, is did not have the reproductive ability.

However, when it comes to growth using the cloning technology, whether germ cell clone, whether somatic cell clone,

Anunnaki of women called “The Birth of the Goddess” is to provide the uterus, it must go through the process of pregnancy and childbirth.

This is a very hard work, yet risk there was a need to take as soon as possible any measures because there was greater.

So “Anunnaki scientists” was working on the creation of human beings with a reproductive capacity.

… We were successful in the creation of the human race with a fertility soon after.

That is, succeeded in creating a with a fertility humanity, using their cloning technology, is why has also succeeded in bringing born children such that their labor!

I write again,

“Annunaki and to complete the human once, will attempt to mass production as for labor!”

Large number of children who were made so … is it was taken away from the mechanically mother of the original as their valuable labor force!

It is you can see the other …

“Namahage”, “Cramps”, “Yorupuggi”, … the common point of another of the impact of the “Annunaki”

A large amount of children in ancient times is, is that had been taken away because it becomes their food! !


… First, a look at the image below, which I thought would what you have.

… It’s was such a thing

There are word abduction,
Life of our star from time immemorial are treated them as guinea pigs,
For labor and research, or would be that had been taken away to their star “two-building”?

A result that we human beings also repeated the disastrous experiment with all the animals in the guinea pig, it is the fact that science has been advanced so far.
However, even as only found a star you are the life in the other we earthlings, I shall not want to pollute the life of the star …

Then another of the mystery …

I wrote in to the last time the “Namahage” and “Cramps” underground man theory, there’s the common point between the last bastion “Annunaki”? About.

Since the basis is thin as possible, it can only be imagined after …
It will not make change even if struggling here stronghold ^^;

However, let’s from a common point of up to here a little pushy as “Namahage” the same person the “Annunaki” ^^;

“Namahage” is said to be a person of a different world coming from the mountains of the cave.

Recently found in the Russian cave “moldy skull of two corners that were fossilized”

It is if, if the time immemorial “two-building” is was something landed on the ground there are we in when close to the Earth in the “Annunaki” …

Remain in the earth is part of the landed on the ground, “Annunaki”,
They also might there is a possibility that was in the mountains and caves that are said to gargle “Namahage” in order to avoid the beaten track from the looks? It might.

Well, if their science force maybe, what have created a large base in the underground, it has led to the shadow of the government …? (-_-;

It is, then approaching Planet X “two-building” is in the earth, will be seen when they were welcomed its.

This time is over.

… Sorry becomes long <(_ _ *)>

Next time in the hollow Earth theory, thank you I think so and want to also introduced yet who Aruzaru that had manipulated the science entertainer Akio Asuka of Nazis that were not touched and the Earth’s interior of the sub-space astronomical theory .



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