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【Youkai】The mystery of kappa |

【Youkai】The mystery of kappa


The other day, because I received a request for a specter ^^

I think I might try plunges to over there of a mystery.

First of all this is, let’s pick up the “kappa” not a exaggeration to say that Japan’s famous monster.

Personally specter is, I mean that I think from a human hand and ~ I think I presence guarding the nature,

Image of the current specter, because or is also the manga and anime, the one that is drawn pretty often, it has become a presence with a sense of intimacy.

However, the specter was born background, it seems often to have been quite sad fact is hidden …

For example, first one boy, the children that have been born in cyclopia is also said to have become a model,

Dwarf in even recent theory, shed was born deformed child into the river, where helped by the charity is the daughter of aristocrats who lived in the downstream, and the house has been prosperity …, it is also said to have come from the story to say .

Malformation is about, but birth defects in Japan is so there is a messenger of God as ancient times “Marebito”.

So, first one boy is that of the presence of God, not in the original monster.

In fact Tianmu one 箇神 (candy Noma one Roh Kami) The first one God of the foot called on (god of the mountain, blacksmith of God) gargle,

This thing that God has been with the Fallen by specter of its position, such as by Buddhism’s rise has also been said to be the first one boy.

※ However, whether Tianmu one 箇神 that why the first one, but it is not clear if the model is made to the fact that what the.

I’m sorry … ^^; introduction is now long, So I will introduce the mystery of kappa.

There many of folklore all over the country for the kappa, put the dish on the head, it is too famous appearance with a shell on the back.

Nickname is also so a lot → Kawataro, Gawappa, etc. Gatarou.

However, even if there are still traditions of quite a variety of variations, it is so not known clearly is about the origin.

Kappa from ancient times, and it was often used as various commandments and lessons learned.

Nowadays the river and the sea is relatively safe, because maintenance is also a long time ago that could not have been were many accidents in extremely water park, etc. embankment

Cause or say that “the work of Kappa” when the unknown water corpse is found,

In many waterside of water accidents it seems to have been using in order to remind children and “Do not come closer to the waterfront because Kappa comes out.”

So, I would like to follow the individual mystery that has been said about Kappa from here.

Part 1: Kappa Why prefer a cucumber?

It is, I like apparently Gozu Tenno is involved.

Gozu Tenno is also the god of water is a 疫神 that is the origin of the Gion Festival in Kyoto.

↑ Gozu Tenno.

And Gozu Tenno says also that follow the servants living in the water. This is the Kappa.

So, the Chamoun of the Yasaka Shrine, which is doing the Gion Festival “quince (woodworking)”.

Is this, not you cross-sectional view of a cucumber? And have been said to be, this crest, we certainly read also the quince (cucumber).

The other, in the middle is the food of the Cucurbitaceae family is lean,, that there spirit dwells…, It seems there was also thought to be the ones to get depends is the Holy Spirit.

When it comes to, coming out is a possibility fresh cucumber was once intended to take depending the god of water,

It seems to be the theory that it has changed to a “favorite” after.

Part 2: What is dish of Kappa’s head there in what for?

Again, it seems is not known that you have a clear.

In the often said is kappa = water corpse theory, than appears to be covered with a dish because it becomes thinner or rubbing or missing hair? I guess the interpretation that, but …

The other, the model of Kappa There is also a theory she was the Xavier ^^;

It is why Christian → Kappa theory hidden in this due to or gone out, but it also might become the one of origin.

Part 3: shell and beak

For the first shell, Kappa is apparently was mistaken for a good look at the turtle good turtle led.

After that, come out in the kappa → water corpse theory, it seems to “arrive carapace” the swollen body is bubbled, Nante It seems there is also a theory.

But beak is either hell What the?

Come up with the package is a logical relationship with the bird.

This was also mistaken for a bird to swim breeze the waterfront and kappa, Toka … in the first place was called the birds and the kappa, but there may also be something like that, this is also not well understood ^^;

that’s all.

Well then’s gonna be, “after all that? Or Are a mere imagination had Tsu Kappa?”, But …

Finally, I would like to explore the identity of the forbidden Kappa.

Identity theory of Kappa, but has been seen as the leading theory of water accidents relationship is the best, this time I would like to still go one step back from here.

First of all, the kappa is gonna be a long time ago, was seen well-position has been left in the picture.

Since Kappa is sometimes in the modern would write a kappa in katakana, a chance to see the Chinese characters To intently is is becoming gradually less,

Kappa ← What this, the river of the child (Kawanowarashi) … in other words, but it’s gonna be a child who is in the river.

Here, I wrote at the beginning, the specter is not leading to that I had been born from the sad reality that was in the old days …

Old days of poor families (especially in rural areas), the child has been born many accidentally was not only to reducing the mouths to feed ※ economic reasons.

※ that it must either raise or throw away, such as work there is no old man and young child to somewhere.

It is now so do not think hardly have been done a long time ago … well this is (Roh _-.)

The boy seems to have been and out to the apprenticeship, but … also a girl was decimated mercilessly

Here, well drawn one end hair is long mystery of kappa have is, perhaps there …

And, is that of a well location discarding the children for the sake of reducing the mouths to feed was a river.

Children abandoned from the upstream of the rural areas, by the time you get to the downstream, also falling off … the human town the children that are floating that saw hair,

Also thing to have been said that kappa (Kawanowarashi) came out.

It is a sad story, but also among the most powerful is the identity of the Kappa (theory of water accidents relationship),

Than sad theory even as their own, who over there is definitely good ^^

^^ It from, but is incidentally;

Famous Kappa in “Matsuura one brewing” of Saga Prefecture Imari? Since the mummy are enshrined, which is said to leave the introduction.

But why also is kappa mummy in wine cellar? Origin is as follows.

Matsuura in one Sake Brewery seems have been handed down from generation to generation is talk that “apparently there is something curious on the inner”, when changing the roof 50 years ago, I found a box that carpenters had been tied on top of the beams thing of that.

In the box marked “Hebo”, what is in! Kappa? Mummy seen that there is! !

This means that no difference in those rare transmitted from the ancestors, making the altar, … Toka he began to worship as God of Water

It is really interesting lore.

In addition, in the warehouse, 13 to not blessed with Kodakara up to 17 generation, was not much taken the adopted child, I found Hebo at the time of the 17th day, that of the then blessed with Kodakara.

Where this is among the relatives was talking that it is thanks to the Hebo, yes it is Yuki also spread around, it came to be revered as a god of Kodakara ^^


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