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【World War Three】 Illuminati Card Prophecy and Trans Humanism |

【World War Three】 Illuminati Card Prophecy and Trans Humanism


ウソかホントかわからない やりすぎ都市伝説 未来に生き残れる人間の選別はもう始まっている 上 [DVD]

Screening of surviving human beings has already begun …

It was broadcast on December 2 (Friday)

In the Gaiden project titled “Urgent Legend Mr. Urgent Large Prophecy SP by Urban Legend Seki Akio”, in order to approach the urban legend hidden in the US presidential election

Mr. urban legend “Seki Akio” went to New York three days ago (November 5) to cover the violent election war between Mr. Trump and Mr. Hillary.

So, he declared in advance “Trump becomes president.”

Why could you declare that the cards will be the president?

I would like to take a look at the basis.


Person who led the cards to victory

Among the people who have led the cards to victory, there is a person called Facebook director Peter Tier.

He founded Paypal, an online payment service, and as an investor, he is a person with a tremendous influence in Silicon Valley

He said companies are also building systems for FBI and CIA databases.

As a result, is not this “Peter Teale” involved in the case of Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail address being used for public affairs? “Seki Akio stated.

From wikipedia

Also as an interesting piece of information, Peter Tier says he supports the Trans Humanist Party to promote trans humanism.

What is transhumanism?

Using the new science and technology, the idea of evolving and improving humans in an unprecedented manner, the transhumanist party promoting this idea.

And the representative of this party is “Zoltan · Istvan”.

From wikipedia

When Seki Akio asked him what he thinks about God about the fusion of human beings and science and technology,

Mr. Zoltan said, “Transhumanists do not believe in God, and in the near future human beings who have evolved will become societal times.”

Also, in the future, if you bury the microchip in the brain, you will be able to communicate with each other without having to talk, and become a world where communication with artificial intelligence can also take place.

* Mr. Zoltan said, actually it is said that about 500,000 people are now secretly putting microchips in their brains.

In addition, Mr. Zoltan told Peter Teale rumored to have played cards into presidential period as follows.

“As Peter Tier invests in trans humanism, the supported cards will lead America as a president towards a new era of technology,” he said.

(Zoltan · Istvan)

From now on, is human being forced to blend with microchip with artificial intelligence and will it be the era where it is managed by “ID”?

It goes into the brain either way …

If it is exploited, very advanced brainwashing “mind control” will be done.

If so, all human beings are slaves, domesticated, manipulated at the will of a few selected people …

In the era of “Mankind Total enslavement management society” …

Mr. Zoltan introduced a book when the interview of “Mr. Urban Legend Seki Akio” finished.

The book says that very interesting things about artificial intelligence are written.

That will be here.

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Owl drawn on the cover …

The owl is a symbol of wisdom,

You can rotate the neck 360 degrees and monitor the world.

Here, somehow, the existence of the huge thing in the shadow smelled.

Seki Akio seemed to be convinced that this time the President would be selected to build their future.

And, as he reads, “Donald Trump” arrived for the next president.

In addition, Seki Akio talked about the numerous assaults by cards that it was already predicted by the “Illuminati Card” and showed a single card.

Continued on the next page …



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