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【Mankind monitoring】Fear of Siri |

【Mankind monitoring】Fear of Siri


This time, I would like to write also about the fairly large favorite [urban legend].

Is has become concerned about recent Among them, is the rumors about artificial intelligence.

Recently, Pepper and from the development of robot technology, artificial intelligence, which has become a lot to go up to the topic.

When the car of the autopilot is pleased to evolve, such as the like to be developed it has been one of the concerns raised at the same time.

It is something that or not is of artificial intelligence would dominate any world.

Many times on this blog are also introduced, Hawking is a famous physicist in to say that “the evolution of artificial intelligence will mean the end of humanity”,

It suggests the risk of artificial intelligence.

Then, the threat of artificial intelligence is because lurking in the other place our familiar. It is, “siri” is ※.

Siri → stands for “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface”

Apple’s iPhone is the “siri”, iPad, are mounted on the iPod touch, by the voice assistant “wake after 3 hours” indication Ya, such as

Internet search is, of course, or me to fire off Twitter if the user says “to start the Twitter”

It is quite a useful feature called start a call to the person speaking “with a phone call to the hundred-san”.

Today, we will introduce the urban legend of the “Siri”.

The purpose of Siri?

Because many of the people also said that “the purpose of Siri” is to support the user, but I think the answer to the Iphone to more convenient ones attractive,

In fact … is that of the true purpose is hidden in the back

We are, and talk to siri that information is once sent to Apple’s servers.

Information for that server derives the computer processed answer and return the information to the Iphone. A mechanism that siri is is it function.

that is

・ Who is Who are you phone

・Who is looking at any site at any timing

・ What kind of search you are doing


In other words, it has accumulated as data on all Apple’s servers that talk to siri, is that I have been monitoring.

Furthermore, not only the data to speak to siri, and siri within also known without knowing the collection is also said to have sent to Apple’s server information in the Iphone.

Are you on the back of Apple’s server is the purpose of introducing the siri in the United States Government

Urban legend that there is to be to the United States government to provide all of the smartphone users of the data have been whispered to plausible.

By the way, what are the origin of the siri?

Originally named Siri, but seems to have been features that Siri, Inc. has developed, acquired by Apple in 2010, was to be installed from the iPhone 4S feature.

There is also a sense that the “Siri”, “beautiful woman that leads to victory” is the name in Norwegian that, I the name of the woman named Norway’s Siri has been said is the origin and general …

In fact, it seems to have been hidden different story on the back.

It will be “IRIS” and try to turn the character of “siri”.

Name will emerge that iris from here.

The iris and the represent the iris to adjust the amount of light entering the eye, you another, pointing to the “rainbow goddess Iris,” which in Greek mythology.

Existence and of becoming God and human beings of the bridge in the goddess Iris is the Greek myth of the rainbow.

This is also said to someone is to imply a role that was entrusted to the “siri”.

And, Iris is in Ejibuto myth appeared as a “goddess Isis”.


That is the Isis of children is “Horus”.

In fact, the left eye of Horus this God, is also one of the symbol used by the Freemasons, eye “Providence of eyes” see through all things.

↑”Providence of eyes”

↑ Masonic symbol (eye of the compass, ruler, Providence)

From here, the siri is so it can be seen that has been entrusted with “eyes to see through all things,” “goddess Iris of the rainbow.”

The Masonic, is said to be a secret society that is manipulating the world behind the scenes, exist all over the world in the current variety of forms, as well as its membership of 600 million people more than …

In addition, they one of the symbols used by the “eye of providence” has also been drawn to the United States one dollar bill.

↑ (these, for the Masonic and American relationship, it will become quite deep mystery, I would like to write gradually in the future)

From things like the above, “the purpose of Siri,” it is, by the US government that has been manipulated to Masonic, you are also referred to as personal information collection of Iphone users.


“Siri” → “IRIS” → “goddess Iris” → “Horus of the left eye.”

In the eye, “Providence of the eye” to see through the all things, it might actually be of being watched.

For a profound remark that come back from the Siri next time, thank you because I want to follow the mystery.


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  1. 名前:58104711 投稿日:2017/05/06(Sat) 23:41:14 ID:a9eb4da92 Reply

     siriの由来がイシスならば、闇勢力らしさが満開という気がしてしまうのは、疑り深すぎでしょうか。イシスの左目はルシフェルの象徴。鏡像反転させて右目にするのがカバラ。つまり、Isisから反転させてsisiにする(右から読む?)にするものを、siriは正反対に、鏡像反転させてiris(isis 左から読む?)にしているように見えるからです。