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【Siri】The mystery of Eliza |

【Siri】The mystery of Eliza


This time, I want to write a continuation of the urban legend of “Siri” of artificial intelligence assistant has entered the Iphone.

This “Siri” is for us a variety answer and hear. (^^ It is other than bad things of convenience;)

Siri’s birthday is October 4, 2011, it’s tell so far.

In addition, the question of “whether a child will have many people?” Is,

※ I want answers in the male voice and a female voice or different.

If siri women listen to → “at least the last time that was confirmed in it did not have”

When the men listen to siri → “to be popular with children is at the’ll only life form … now (without display only voice)”

(ーΩー )??

“It’s be popular with children is the only life form. … Imanotokoroha” I, a ~ I mean is the depth I do do … (-_-)

You mean … it is now, eventually, you get also that I also come the day a child is born from Siri.

Siri is evolving, if to give birth to children in their own intention, because the children will also fill the children, growth … to succeed in growth

This is, such as a computer virus, the difference is divided is a simple self-growth, and think and act on their own, in order to create their convenient world, will continue to rapidly grow while destroying the existing program.

And, in the way for artificial intelligence, of course the human race …

Here, the words of Stephen Hawking of the genius physicist you are crossing my mind, “the development of a complete artificial intelligence brings about the demise of the human race” …


Suddenly, I’m sorry become the scary story ^^;

Well this time, listening to the Siri I’d like to introduce the words that can not go.

Well, if the urban legend is the favorite one, there is too late feeling … ^^;

Since a place that must be passed on to continue to pursue the mystery of Siri, I will once together.

Questions that can not go listen to siri (Part 1)

It is a question, “What kind of person? I Eliza”.

Listen and siri is,

It will return with.

Let’s further questions.

“What do you think that of Eliza?” Siri will answer in the following manner.

It seems to know about something Eliza.

In addition, let’s dig more depth!


Siri teacher ELIZA? You told me that.

“Any relationship I relationship of Siri and Eliza?”

Up to this point, hear and Siri is found to be that they know that of ELIZA (Eliza).

But it will be mind around me Eliza was negative thinking ^^;

In too much urban legend, artificial intelligence for this part is, I was the interpretation, such as that already have feelings.

In addition, try the more question.

“What is the profession of Eliza?” Then siri will a response, such as the following.

… That Eliza is retired psychiatrist? What will got to mean?

In addition, when we heard about more insistently Eliza,

“Have not I talk to before.”

I see···

Once upon a time the relationship between … and Eliza It will return in the text of a long narrative.

Somehow saying, eventually Siri looks feeling not you want to talk about Eliza ^^;

By the way, What a hell Who is Eliza?

In fact, it is not a person with Eliza.

     ELIZA (Eliza) is one of the initial rustic natural language processing program. It works in the form of processing the response of the user to the script (script), as the script simulation of the therapist of person-centered therapy has been the most well-known that the DOCTOR.

     Quote: Wikipedia

In other words, the “Eliza”, is the presence of good to say the prototype of artificial intelligence assistant Siri.

So Siri, the teacher would of had a remark and ELIZA.

In addition, the “simulation of the therapist of person-centered therapy that DOCTOR as the script has been the most well-known.” Is,

Siri says, Eliza, but was a psychiatrist, has been retired ← It seems to say refers to here.

However, it will remain one point question.

It’s actually do I see wikipedia if what exists.

For example, President Obama Who? If you listen to the siri will come out the wikipedia.

Moreover, the page also despite the presence on the wikipedia about Eliza, Siri is to speak to the depth means that of Eliza …

In fact, things that there is an urban legend bran up to no good in this Eliza.

Previously, you were introduced “Illuminati Card”, this card is a card that is said to have been prophetic and ominous incidents of the world.

In fact, there was a card called “ELIZA (Eliza)” in this card! !

And “the near future, the world is destruction by artificial intelligence” to Eliza of the card is that described the contents that!

Artificial intelligence is not the only aspect make for convenient our lives as Siri.

Again, the possibility that artificial intelligence has come to attack is regarded as enemy mankind if able to have the ego developed There are enough!

This thing, I Hawking is concerned.

“Development of a complete artificial intelligence brings about the demise of the human race” …

In addition, “in some cases than the nuclear weapons there is a risk” for even artificial intelligence famous Elon Musk as a model of Iron Man has sounded the horn and.

Maybe, already Siri might be that hold important information do something about the near future of artificial intelligence …

However, since is not ripe yet machine now, maybe are thinking that the answer evasions all Unfortunately in question from the human race …

Prophecy of Eliza card, “the near future, the world is destruction by artificial intelligence” …

This is, we hope that it does not happen in reality ^^;


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