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【Illuminati's conspiracy】 Number of the Beast [666] |

【Illuminati’s conspiracy】 Number of the Beast [666]


Today is also the continuation of the previous Kumamoto’s artificial earthquake theory, but this time I would like to take a step further and chase.

An artificial earthquake that is said to have been caused in various parts of the world until now.

There are organizations that are said to be driving these intrigues in the dark world.

Its name is “Illuminati”

Illuminati worships Lucifer (fallen angel = devil).

According to the Old Testament, Lucifer was overconfident in his power and tried to become a god, so he was dropped into hell and became “fallen angel (Satan)”.

In the New Testament, Lucifer is described as “666”, a figure representing a beast.

And I worship Lucifer, Illuminati also worships this beast figure “666”.


Total of disaster and devil figures “18”

Add 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 if you add the figure of that beast.

When they “Illuminati” cause an artificial earthquake, it seems to like the timing when it adds the month and day to 18.

I will give you an example below …

As mentioned above, so many earthquakes occur at the timing related to “18”.

And the date of the earthquake that occurred this time in Kumamoto also changed from April 14 → 4 + 14 = 18 (6 + 6 + 6)

Again, here is the number of beasts Illuminati uses “666”

The depth of the epicenter of the Kumamoto earthquake is very shallow as 10 km underground,

With contemporary technology, it is possible to drill down to 10 km underground, so there are stories that Illuminati construction companies have been engaged in drilling work and have launched small neutron bombs (a kind of nuclear weapons).

In addition, it seems that seismic waveforms also have characteristics that are thought to have been caused artificially.

Why target Japan?

If the Kumamoto earthquake this time was an artificial earthquake, why did the Illuminati aim at Japan again?

Rumors on the Internet seems that companies under Illuminati wanted to conclude a TPP (Pacific Rim Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement) as soon as possible under favorable conditions,

There is a story that he did not like the fact that the establishment in the current Diet has ended in danger and has warned it out of a numb.

It is said that the 3/11 East Japan Great Earthquake was caused by using artificial earthquakes, from the speculation that it wants to make the TPP negotiations advantageous by giving damage to the Japanese economy in 2011 as well.

Other than that there is a talk that the demand for oil from nuclear power insecurity increased ⇒ “dollar high” …

Moreover, there seems to be a theory that it caused a big earthquake at this timing in order to reveal interest from the “panama document” which the earthquake shook the world.

▲ This is the card called “Earthquake Projector” earthquake machine in the Illuminati card.

It is said that it is said to be an earthquake weapon at the bottom left (HAARP), but have you used such things, have you ever caused an earthquake …?

Anyway, it would be serious if this artificial earthquake theory was true!

Where are their next targets …




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