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Land purchase of the moon and Mars ? |

Land purchase of the moon and Mars ?


This is the very story that also be interested as myself.

Do you buy the moon and Mars in the land? In addition, of how much the price …?

The moon and Mars of land and say the conclusion is so can be purchased, there are sites that are actually sold.

It is here.

“Luna Embassy Japan”

※ Because it does not have to advertise, if you want to buy, I hope in self-responsibility ^^;

Mr. Dennis Hope sells the month of land on the site, first of all have a question, “the moon is Who of things?”, It seems to have thoroughly examined the law.

According to it, find that the law is not only “Outer Space Treaty”, which came into force in 1967 related to the universe,
We created the month of the rights declaration, that of the began “extraterrestrial real estate industry.”

But it has become what the law is?

Luna Embassy explains this.

It is prohibited to use the “month as profit, but this agreement is one of the world’s countries, not only just six countries support.

Other countries have refused to sign. Therefore, we are not not touch any law, “said the thing.

For more information is here.

“Lunar Embassy: FAQ”

Read impression is, it is now still? What feeling gray zone … ^^;

So the price of the month of land to be worried about would’m much?

What! But 2,700 yen in one acres (football ground one minute) Yes.

When you purchase, I heard a declaration copy of Luna Embassy Japan from the month of land deed / month of the Constitution / land ownership (English and your name on) is sent placed in the original envelope.

In addition, the price of Mars seems to 3,000 yen in the same one acre.

By the way, according to Luna Embassy, “the month of land” the third trimester during the sale! Thing with!

(゚ロ゚;)!?  … of,,, are selling so much I third period?

“Month of the land” is, of course, for myself, birthday or marriage and baby gifts,

Christmas and Valentine’s Day, is so has been very pleased as a gift, such as Mother’s Day.

Well, … I am pleased if you like the space? ^^;

The following is the purchaser of the voice to be worried about.

・ If you find a month looking at the land 1200 square meters purchase ♡ empty month 1200 square meters in the month me thought that my thing Ya.

・ Irritated to bought! It arrives deed and owner card of the month of the land!

・I bought Mars of land. It would be spectacular because only away 1500km from Mount Olympus. We hope that the descendants who live there because maybe I can not go.

・ I bought the time being the month of land because spare time Ya!

And so ··· (· Θ ·;)

Well, I will not stand for nothing be purchased, you might become rich feeling just a little bit to think that there is their own land on the moon and Mars ^^;



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