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【danger】Large asteroid「2003 SD220」 |

【danger】Large asteroid「2003 SD220」


Large asteroid on Christmas Eve of 2015 had passed near the Earth.

The asteroid is a celestial body that is referred to as the “2003 SD220”.

↓ this.

At that time, a huge asteroid about this full-length two kilometers had passed through the distance of 10.78 million kilometers, which corresponds to 28 times the distance to the Earth and the moon in eight kilometers per second.

By the approach of this asteroid earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, etc.
It seems there were also reports that come out have some adverse effect on the Earth was … okay ^^;

However, “2003 SD220” is, also in 2018 and 2021 will come to earth!

Of armor Observatory in Northern Ireland
Mark Bailey Taizhou, compared with mass media coverage says “This asteroid is okay because it is not a planet approaching type of celestial body,” but …

According to the research group of NASA,
It is Σ of the pass five times over the next ’12 (-x-;) Nah, Nani’?!
※ passing of Christmas Eve of 2015 seems to be the first time.

Also it passes five times and …
Something once position is also likely to feel close to the dangerous distance but ·· (-ω-;)

During that five times, if Tsumikasanere each time radar observation
Approximate mass and internal structure of the celestial body, is so, such as density comes into view little by little.

The anxious, NASA is in within the next 10 years
Otherwise … there is a plan to feed human beings to its huge asteroid

And I think we have become something like that movie “Armageddon”
We have to worry about without permission ^^;



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