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Wow! Signal- mystery |

Wow! Signal- mystery


Whether to present the same kind of intelligent life and we in this vast universe?
… Anyone once position is I think there is that you have imagined such a thing.

Its hands are events such that the rising was in the August 15, 1977.

It is what is referred to as the “Wow! Signal”!

At the time, SETI has been involved in the observation of the project of (extraterrestrial intellectual search)
Jerry · R · Ehmann of Ohio State University rate
Catch the radio wave signal of the mysteries of the universe from the Big Ear radio telescope!

The display of normal radio waves up to seventh place even 1 to 4 high,
That is the jumped high as unknown mean that suddenly “6EQUJ5” number! !

Its strong signal lasted for even 72 seconds!

From the fact that Mr. very surprised Ehmann was scribbling a “Wow!” To print the received data
Signal of this mystery is called “Wow! Signal”, it remains a mystery to this day.

At the time, the radio waves Ehmann said that out of the Earth
It seems to have thought that has been returned against the universe of garbage,
Examine if it says that it was not impossible.

Because this signal is
It is a radio of the hydrogen atoms has been prohibited for use on earth,
And, I guess even funny signal that this very long 72 seconds.

Also in the subsequent investigation, this signal, it was found that has come from the seat of the region have.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Ehmann 20 years after the papers,
“Because at that time was to catch the signal immediately after changing the orientation of the antenna,
… Be that the signal from a long time ago Maybe had been directed to the Earth. “
It has been told with.

Then, it is introduced again and again and more accurate and powerful equipment
And try to catch that signal signal (or another signal similar) over several decades
Search has been continued, but …

That none was over nothing to failure without being caught eventually.

Ehmann says.
… And it was the most strange signal that I’ve ever seen



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