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Strange sound that Apollo 10 was received at the far side of the moon |

Strange sound that Apollo 10 was received at the far side of the moon


Manned flight project to humanity’s first of the month, “Apollo”

The fourth manned flight project was the “10 Apollo”.

Although this flight is to succeed in the lunar orbit flight in manned to be the second time in history,

At that time, that with that astronauts on the back side of the moon had been listening to the “strange sound” that may have received from outer space has become apparent.

1969 May 18, Apollo 10 was launched on the day, succeeded in lunar orbit flight over 61 hours 37 minutes 23.6 seconds,
We came back to Earth on May 26, 1969.

Lunar orbit flight at the time of, but is not the earth of the month there is a need to fly the far side of the moon is on the opposite side portion,

When you are flying here, crew our Apollo 10 is the so had ceased completely to communicate with Earth.

In the meantime, it had received a strange sound from outer space instead of the communication from the earth!

In the audio recording in the time of the airship,
Crew our Apollo 10 is so you can hear how you are debating whether to tell if the sound of this mystery to earth side.

This audio recording is to have been about 40 years in private that could lead to unnecessary confusion,

Science Channel to deal with, such as science-based news is discovered from NASA of the voice recording, it was announced as a movie called “Outer Space Music” from getting to February 2016.

Movies Science Channel has been published has become a double feature of prequel sequel,

Alfred Warden Mr. and NASA officials is a crew of Apollo 15 is in the movie talks about the sound of the mystery that has been received from the outer space.

Here it is.

· Outer Space Music Pt 1 of 2 | NASA’s Unexplained Files – YouTube

· Outer Space Music Pt 2 of 2 | NASA’s Unexplained Files – YouTube

When Apollo 10 was toward the opposite side of the moon, astronauts will notice that you have lost the communication with the Earth.

Communication is lost time, but seems to have been about 1 hour,

In the meantime, it flows the sound of the mystery of “Hugh”,

This is the But it is said that the strange sound received from outer space, the reaction of the astronauts immediately after hearing this was as follows.

“Yeah, there with those from outer space I now sound?”

“Now of you listened?” “Whistling like a sound?”


“I became quiet.”

It’s unbelievable.

“Do what to talk about us this sound?”

“I do not know,” “I should discuss with everyone.”

“Yeah and, in fact we no idea whether a little while ago of sound on earth what’s on”


The sound crew was similar to that heard of Apollo 10, I heard the Saturn Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997, has been received,

This is found to be those caused by the magnetic environment of Saturn.

In contrast, the Apollo 10 has received the sound of the mystery is the far side of the moon,

Thing not a sound has occurred for the same reason as that of the received Cassini because there is no air or magnetic field on the moon.

Expert of wireless relationship is commented and spacecraft of this sound is two aircraft might thing happened by the interference of radio each other that you are using,

Warden, a former astronaut spoke as “astronaut know listening to different types of noise”,

At the time of the crew has revealed that it had been very surprised at the sound that has not been heard so far.

(━_━) ゝ ・・・

It is strange – …

Maybe, does it the sound of the mystery was due to contact from the aliens? ?



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