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Alien Code – mystery |

Alien Code – mystery


In among scientists over the past few decades
Search for extraterrestrial intelligence, “SETI” has been carried out.

Frank Drake Dr. astronomers,
The radio waves to send between 26 m star with a huge radio telescope outside the solar system of the caliber
First of mankind … to look for extraterrestrial intelligent life

Start SETI exploration to “Ozma plan” in 1960.

Then we have already passed 56 years and extraterrestrial intelligent life, let alone
Extraterrestrial life (microorganisms even) has not been found. = ( ‘□ `)  !!


・ A metal plate that describes the information of the human race was put on the spacecraft “pioneer program”

・It has been sent to the Hercules “Arecibo message”,

・ Mounted in 1977 to launch sauce was Voyager spacecraft
“Golden Record”

But it has been known, such as …,

Their message, when who
I do not know us received in the universe, which spread to the infinite.

And, I do not know to be the surviving human beings until it ^^;

It is, however!

The human race is finally not might have received a reply from the intelligent life! ! !

Moreover, it is in space!

NASA has put into Mars orbit spacecraft,
I that had received the kind of encryption that almost do not know the meaning.

It is less than was published image.

It is, the lower half of the image received from the spacecraft
Mysterious cipher? Or, it had been filled with a kind of pattern.

By chance message or … from the aliens? (; ¯ ー ¯) … ?

Radio waves received from them is, do you say, even with rewriting the image data?

Although this shocking image was published on May 3, 2000, NASA’s site

Every day, buried in huge amount of observed image being updated,
Nobody seems to not notice its presence.

It has been investigated for decades a huge photo of NASA
Mr. Scott Waring of UFO researchers to discover, was crossing to the public.

The pattern prior to publication wear ring Mr.? The
It says that raised examined one by one carefully.

Then they find that the same thing is in the two and without all different pattern!

According to him, although it has been investigated for decades a photo of NASA,
Thing and never came across such a photo.

As this is a “message of extraterrestrial intelligent life is sent to NASA,” From the above

This is called “Alien Code”.

According to Mr. Waring, already NSA (National Security Agency) is
This may have embarked on deciphering of such things as encryption also pointed out …

(━_━) ゝ

If this is, if you that it is a message from aliens,
What do they came what the tell?

The person who was able to decipher a look at this is, please let me know only secretly to myself ^^



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