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Search of the solar system, "ninth planet"! |

Search of the solar system, “ninth planet”!


US research team announced in January, for is to be in a position farther than Neptune “planet-nine”,

France team of researchers is 23 February 2016, it has revealed that narrowed down the search range!

US research team has announced the possibility of a ninth planet discovery,

We have admitted that you do not know at all about where to whether there is a planet on the orbit, which is estimated to take 10,000 to 20,000 years to one lap.

↑ about this, I caught absolutely ne …

This celestial body that has been called by the name of “Planet Nine” will have about 10 times that of Earth, about 5000 times the mass of Pluto,
It is not in such a small dwarf planet than the planet is not sure.

So, because NASA does not know a huge celestial body, it does not fall in the still off (-_-;

I’m sorry to suddenly derailed ^^;

↓ is a continuation

For the “planet-nine”, a result of examining the data obtained in the solar system sixth unmanned Cassini spacecraft of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which has been orbiting the planet Saturn,

And it was found that the two areas can be excluded from exploration range, the research team has been noted in a research paper.

In co-author of the paper, to Jack Rascal Mr. coverage of Buddha Paris Observatory, rather than “simply” somewhere “in the ninth planet outer solar system,

That there is a possibility that “existing within a specific range, spoke and backed in this study.

The research team first, the ninth planet traveling through the orbit of the United States team is assumed,

Yes it was calculated on the basis of the mathematical model or believed to have affected the extent to which the motion of other planets when passing nearby.

Ninth planet there is assumption, depicts an elongated ellipse (oval) shape of the wheel leaning one has thought to revolve around the sun.

When ninth planet is farthest from the sun, it since the distance is too far to the impact on other planets would not be a detectable level.

Therefore, search the possible range at the observation seems to be limited to nearly half of the total orbit.

In this way, the research team with Mr. Rascal is, reduce the search area of the ninth planet in one half.

Rascal Mr. stated that “work has been reduced by half in this,” told.

The research team, if extending the mission of Cassini of the scheduled end in 2017 by 2020, we can further narrow the search range.

But in the “ninth planet” discovery is that of a take several years ^^;

Far away, to find the ninth planet that do not know very clearly also one big revolution on the track where there’s, is quite so large telescope is required.

But, I want to find because I even if it takes many years ^^

Well, it is that another NASA are finding ··· (* ‘ω’ *)

Then, it is incidentally, recently also supermassive object is found in the vicinity of the sun, or Nibiru appearance! ? It made noise with.

It February 14, appearance mystery of giant celestial body is near the sun. Thing and there is also a possibility of a collision with the sun!

The image of the super-giant celestial body to suddenly close to the sun
NASA and the sun-heliosphere observation satellite SOHO by the European Space Agency (ESA) is operational there and were taken.

Date and time, 2016/02/14 01:42

Celestial body that is a problem? ? Up of

In addition, “16 August 2009, 14 August 2005” is also in
The object to be rumors with this planet, Nibiru or UFO seems to appear around the sun.

… But examined the results, this is it does not seem to be in two buildings.

This image is like a thing that stars fancy reflected in such irregular reflection … (^ _ ^;).

In addition, it is the end this big matter of the solar system Once you have to have plunged into the sun (~ д ~ *)

But I might have been steadily toward the Earth between genuine Nibiru is as we speak, also think so thank you and I want to at any time inform If you get information about something two buildings now you.



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