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【Emergency】Planet Nine – Approaching Earth(part-2) |

【Emergency】Planet Nine – Approaching Earth(part-2)


It was discovered “No. 9 planet” is, about 10 times that of Earth, about 5000 times the mass of Pluto! ! It is said that.

2 to 4 times the Earth’s diameter! In its size is unlikely to correspond to the large planet in the fifth in the solar system.

Assuming Earth 12756km (about marbles [1cm])
This celestial body’s gonna be a ping-pong ball position.

If this time that such a huge star close to the Earth, about what impact the
I would like to write.

By the way this “No. 9 planet” is revolving at a very elongated elliptical orbit around the sun
Once the Possibly that, Pluto, it might come in to the inside of the Neptune orbit (-_-) ?

And if this celestial body is, it came from Mars to between Jupiter.

Asteroid belt is in there (※) has spread, it has been found 6000 more than in the past.
Thing with some up to a diameter of 1000km during.
The area in which the mass of a large number of rock that became there will be planets gathered ※.

Problem is, fragments of this asteroid is flicked a huge “No. 9 planet”,

Large meteorite of about giving a big blow to the Earth’s surface seems there is a risk of falling to Earth.

… Also this by huge tsunami occurs

The possible to others?

Flair is a huge reduction of solar activity by the gravity of the “No. 9 planet” has become a lively sun!

Electromagnetic injury occurs electrical product failure (PC, mobile phone, etc.) fear … that will not be used

In addition, the magnetic wind in between the celestial and the sun will occur, Earth in it is also said to be able to rush.

・ By the influence of the gravity of the “No. 9 planet”, a huge eruption by the crustal movement, tsunami occurs in the huge earthquake.

・Earth of earth’s axis is displaced (pole shift) is also referred to as might occur.

The food shortage becomes cold its because it was warmer region, also reverse the polar ice melts flood occurs.

Well, I have no Agerebakiri like this, but …

But if if a huge celestial body, such as the “No. 9 planet” is a has been toward the Earth
It is is no way to prevent.

Certainly you may want to was silent if much panic.

Recently, the topic of Mars immigration has been ejected is, whether such because only part of the human is trying to escape to Mars ··· d (¯ ¯)

Anyway, we want to focus on the future trends.



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