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【shock】Double sun image(Summary) |

【shock】Double sun image(Summary)


Recently, worrisome is the double sun image to introduce this time.

Sparkling genuine near the sun, or to the away brilliantly (prenatal) two eyes of the sun …

This is, and has been said that Planet X “Nibiru”, but evidence has been approaching its huge celestial body!
… And Nibiru expert has said.

“Planet two buildings” is believed to be a brown planet,
Whether shining or as the sun brown planet is so far do not know honestly σ (° · ° *)

That said, I know that there is something even with the naked eye, so it can not be denied …
In other words this is what is said to be or not the “Nibiru”.

In contrast NASA has issued a rebuttal officially.

Strongly denied “Nibiru itself hoax!”!
In this photo before Nibiru does not exist! !

The I had to say that…, This very much in the discovery of the “ninth planet” was becoming suspicious (· _ ·?)

Because certainly NASA in 2005, he had said that, such as those found for the unknown of “Planet X,” but it was a small celestial body that whether … called a planet.

Then celestial (2003 UB313) which has been found to is because it was about the size comparable to Pluto (diameter 2300km), which is defined as the current dwarf planet.

However, now been found “ninth planet”, the 5000 times the mass of Pluto, is led to the diameter is the size of two to four times the Earth’s diameter (12756km)!

This is in fact in the “two-building”, double sun image to introduce this time, the “two-building” has been toward steadily to Earth
It has been told that it is evidence Σ (¯Д¯;)

However, the sun two of phenomenon that appears is rare, it seems in fact, occur in rare meteorological phenomenon called “phantom Date (reality)” (※).

phantom Date (reality):
Is that atmospheric optical phenomenon in which light is visible at a position away from the same altitude of the sun and the sun,
For here in the light of another sun to be displayed is, come out strongly in the direction shifted to about 22 degrees laterally from the original of the sun,
Phantom date is said to look away about 22 degrees from the sun.

So, I think from looking at the image of the “phantom Date (reality)” at the beginning, then want to take a look at the image that has been said to be “two-building”.

・ Image is said phantom date and (reality)

Then “two-building”? Is an image that has been told.

・Shot in Russia has been double the sun

・ Photographed double sun at the South Pole

・Iwate Prefecture Sanriku coast photographed double sun in the sky

・And other double sun

↑ (This would be ish phantom date)

It is more than ^^;

Perhaps even in the image, which is said to “two-building”, other top guy would weather phenomenon called phantom date.
However, those after, or it will do its vision Date? ?

“Atmospheric optical phenomenon in which light is visible at a position away from the same altitude of the sun and the sun is the phantom date”

This would be located in the immediate vicinity of the sun? … Will heck what’s

Is I would like to follow from time to time about the mystery of the also “Nibiru” from now on.



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