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【Mars environment upheaval】Massive volcanic eruption |

【Mars environment upheaval】Massive volcanic eruption


Near to the cause of environmental change in the distant planet “Mars” is seems to have found.

At 35 million years ago on Mars, for half about the size of the volcano of the French Land, it was ejected an enormous amount of lava,

Research results of a shift has occurred in the position of the crust and the mantle of Mars was announced on March 2, 2016 its weight.

The effect of this eruption is horrendously, originally of the Arctic and Antarctic of Mars is no longer that of a means that does not exist in the past there was position.

The main author of the study published paper in the British science journal Nature, for a terrain scholar of Paris, France 11 University, “Mr. Sylvain Bure” the AFP interview,

Of a dry riverbed and underground ice is present in the unexpected position, the numerous mysteries of Mars that have the scientists plagued for many years, spoke with the stick is described in the current study results.

“If happened in if a similar position change is on the earth, Paris would be able to move very close to,” Bure said talk to,

In addition, “In France observed Aurora, would wine grapes are grown in the Sudan,” it said.

According to the paper, by uplift of lasted volcanic several hundreds of million years, so the surface of Mars was tilted even 20 – 25 degrees.

Lava flow that erupted from the volcano, 5,000 square kilometers wide, the lava plateau called up to more than 12 km height “Tarushisudomu”, diameter was formed on Mars of about half of the Earth.

↑ viewed in 3D Mars Tharsis region of volcano

“Tarushisudomu, especially when compared with the size of Mars, tremendously large without. Exactly what common sense out of,” said Bure says.

A result of weight there is this huge outcrop of up to 18 square tons of 10 was formed on the surface of the earth the top,

Two layers of the Martian surface part, the crust and the mantle, just like peach skin and pulp moves in the axial seeds, was pivotal movement.

In 2010 published theoretical research, and remove the Tarushisudomu from Mars, it seems position change around the rotation axis of Mars that occurs has already been shown.

As what happened on the planet, it would say that it is too tremendous natural disaster.

If, even as life was in those days of Mars, Once you have to have been drunk to the lava flow, it may not be easy to find the traces of …

↑ Mars – Mount Olympus (. Height of about 27,000 meters three times of Everest)

・ Why it was solved suddenly the mystery?

Where Bure said coworkers, we were compared and the computer model, and the results of the simulation and the observation that its own and other research team was conducted,

So far many of the phenomenon on the description did not stick Mars, when interpreted in light of the new way of thinking, it seems to have started to have a meaning suddenly.

Bure said to AFP, the question of whether “Why (currently is has become a dry river bed) is the river exists in the now of the location, scientists were unable to find the answer.

To be in that position, it appears to have no regularity “

“But, taking into account variations in the position of the surface, the river will be made to all row in the same tropical regions”

Similarly, the huge underground ice floor where water is frozen also, should have been located closer to the polar regions.

As already you can see, it once upon a time was so.

Why Tarushisudomu is positioned on the equator “new” also, it can be explained in this new theory. To Mars regain the equilibrium state,

It just always believed that there was a need to come to that position.

In addition, in the chronology that is standard, but Mars of the river is believed to have been formed after the Tarushisudomu, this time of the research results have also disputed to this.

The majority of these ancient water flow, even though there are no huge lava fields, from the southern hemisphere of the crater highlands of Mars, and is believed to have been flowing towards the plains of the lowlands in the north,

Research is concluded.



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