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Found glass on Mars |

Found glass on Mars


Now is the Mars of large attention as a new world of human beings, but recently also attracted attention as a planet that might be life can exist.

In addition, the discovery to increase the possibility there were in 2015.

Wow, I called glass is found on Mars!

The discovered is, NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars in the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter”,
We found the glass layer at Alga crater in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

The confirmed the glass at the surface of Mars this is is the the first time.

↑ image is an image showing the observation result of the spectrometer you know the type of mineral.

The glass layer is called “Impact Glass”

Thing meteorite that fell to Mars is formed by, for example, melt the rocks of Mars is so.

By its impact glass have been found, it seems as if not become evidence that the ancient organisms were present there is a growing expectation.

… (· _ ·?)

What do you mean?

In fact, the impact glass Recent studies That is right revealed that traces of organic matter is left!

In other words, … If we examine this impact glass

In organic matter in a kind of fossil of ancient life of glass

Is that may have been included.

The originally Mars, there is a life form? Theory or that, or was present,

I have been told it was a planet like the Earth is ancient.

By the way, in 2020, it has been the presence of the glass layer is also confirmed in the study area of ​​Mars spacecraft scheduled feeding is NASA.

So, you may be able to find the key to the ancient life from the impact glass by exploration in 2020.

I think that there is also more and more towards the Mars probe sent from now, ^^ that mystery about Mars is I want to expect in the future as can be seen even a little



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