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Mars resettlement plan(part 3) |

Mars resettlement plan(part 3)


Well, we arrived to Mars thanks to NASA (Because this is a delusion, to perhaps ten years to 20 years after the place kana …)

^^ As Terra big story Toka forming it is after;
First of all, how to ensure the food, clothing and shelter doing?
Well, but it is for the time being bed comes first.

And now for the prior NASA is it to do the I contest of residential facilities to build on Mars
So was chosen as the best prize is the guy I Japanese architects thought “ice house”.

After all – it is incredible to think of the pro! (By the way so the prize was 25,000 dollars)

Use According to it the water in Mars
Kamakura it seems best to build a like a dome-shaped ice house.

When I first heard, eh! ? I think I was … I

‘Cause Put simply, probably huge guy of Kamakura ^^;
Moment I thought primitive ~ ~, current is running on the back! Wait a Tsu hate, it is this great!

Had been said in the rough draft is, carrying materials from the earth
Local in as I make a dome-shaped building ← (this is the cost of carry is apparently quite take)

Or, dig a hole in the hillside, etc., look for a suitable cave-ish place.

A place like Once normally thought.

It is a ice house!

If you look, riding anyway uncanny such do …!

It seems good to me this ice.
Because geomagnetism is very weak ozone of Mars also a very little,
It bathed many different harmful Kiwamarinai cosmic rays, including ultraviolet light.

And the will to prevent it is thick ice,
Since transparency can be incorporated to natural light.

Be this crop is also grown Hopefully!

You mean grow plants to oxygen also it can cover in photosynthesis
Strength because the average temperature there is no worry that melts in the -40 to 50 frigid Martian pat!

However, how to build this? I’m pretty amazing is a place I, but …

Now, since a large amount of water in the basement of Mars is said to exist become ice
It seems like use it.

First melt the ice underground robot scraped

Poured into that 3D printers that are popular now

Making more and more partial (with kitchen and toilet – ◎ _ ◎ -)

Assembly (and stories ◎ 0 ◎)

Finished! ! ! … (Really -ω- ;?)

When, I do not know why and come up here magnificent past
Maximally I will bulge is a dream ^^

It is what I want to see somehow up there while he is alive.



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