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Mars terraforming (Part 2) |

Mars terraforming (Part 2)


Experiments in the field towards the terraforming of Mars,
Two years later, it seems to begin at the earliest.

Mars One of those human beings Mars resettlement plan is, in 2018
Announced that it is planning to “Mars unmanned mission”!

According to it, that of a send a “certain things” ahead of the human race to Mars.

It is, of plant called Arabidopsis seeds!

This plant is grown in the room is easy,
That many species take such from its genetic nature
It was chosen because there are various of favorable conditions.

It the First sent to Mars, until growth from seed germination
It seems to plan to monitor from the earth.

The Mars One, because the policy of the self-sufficient as possible in Mars,
The success of the cultivation experiments with this Arabidopsis will be a big step!

By the way, the above-mentioned proposal
Mars One was chosen as the first place in the idea that recruited from all over the world
Portugal and the Netherlands, is the Spanish student team “Seed” is the proposer.

You were useless if the idea of ​​this “Seed”

It seems to use the following 2 and 3 positions of the draft!

The second-largest draft ↓

A portion of the carbon dioxide, which accounts for a large part of the atmosphere of Mars
How to ask your best to cyanobacteria is a fellow of the algae get in place of the oxygen
(Since this bacteria has a chlorophyll in the cells likely to us to photosynthesis)

This guy is normally have, such as in a puddle
Since such things as possible breeding, even on top of the glacier might looping it hit the cold of the Martian environment!

It is the third largest draft ↓

Mars’s so would be to lettuce cultivation r (- ◎ _ ◎ -)

Cormorant – no, certainly lettuce Do’s strength likely ~~
After a few decades, or will do the human race is eating crispy the usual lettuce on Mars ^^;

Anyway thing that any want you to succeed.

Topic of Mars that is becoming a familiar place for humanity
It is fun because I think that comes out more and more in the future ^ 0 ^

Or more, has been written with a focus on Mars.
Also I would like to append If you have news about something Mars.

Because I would like to write about things and the mystery of a variety of the universe from the next time
Thank you (^ ◇ ^)



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