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Mars terraforming (Part 1) |

Mars terraforming (Part 1)


So, is about finally Mars terraforming (environment modified as habitable mankind).

A day of Mars 24 hours position substantially the same as the Earth,
The angle of inclination of the equator there are also four seasons since the Earth and close.

It’s similar to the split and the earth.

However, too cold, because the distance from the sun is far away!

To become a keeps the space suit is to increase the thickness of the thin air,
It does not seem to go to be to raise the temperature.

It is the case there is a method such as the following.

・Direct seeded greenhouse gas that is a problem to Mars on Earth
How to hard to escape the heat from the sun in the universe

・ On the orbit of Mars to build a super-giant mirror
Dissolved the ice against the sunlight to Antarctica Arctic
Raising the temperature to release carbon dioxide and steam

· In addition, it is said is bred dark algae way to make it easier for the sun’s heat.
(Algae might this method is good because the make oxygen)

By the way the strong cockroaches fertile and such algae let Awa breed with each other in Mars
The human race in 500 years after the human-type cockroach that has undergone a tremendous evolution I went to Mars is that popular manga Terra Formars is talk of setting that attacked one after another.

… I too afraid when you hear the Anna cockroach

It cockroach I think I think we would live in Mars personally also.
Now on to the experience, cockroach is the strongest ^^;

Various methods of the above is, “How do slowly,” the remodeling
There are people that have a bold proposal in “How to do at a rapid pace.”

That, also became the model for the movie “Iron Man”
CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X, is Elon Musk of charismatic entrepreneur!

His proposal, … thing to become an atomic bomb in an environment similar to the quick earth by this so they can be detonated in the polar regions of Mars would at once to evaporate the ice

Well, I will do there makes sense, it is a it is amazing to say charismatic.

By the way, he also says the concept of humanity Mars immigration.

According to the report that the target is to resettle the mankind to 100 million people Mars! !ヽ ((◎ д ◎)) ゝ~ …
(Since this is hardly unreasonable’m now of technology, transportation cost reduction of technology will be waiting …)

Just use from the beginning of the threat of the atomic bomb that is all over the world are concerned about
Because Mars to likely become even ironic because so habitable humanity
Personally, I want to do my best to cockroaches and other strong super bacteria and algae us ^^



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