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Mars resettlement plan(part 2) |

Mars resettlement plan(part 2)


That said, the closest planet on Mars … the human race is to emigrate, one-way half a year seems take.
Far Do ~~

But it is was pointing the Guangming in a recent news?
What NASA of that world is, I would go for 4 hours until the month
Had developed the “EM drive” is high-speed navigation engine!

… I power principle do not know well

(Physicist also seems to say because the law of conservation of momentum to break the theoretical funny)

By using this engine to Mars you can go in 10 weeks! ◎ 0 ◎

Well ~ ~ It is mon became pretty close ^ ^

Moreover With this engine, since it is accelerated to succeed in the rapidly accelerating
– That until the star of Centaurus away from Earth 4 light-years or more, can be reached in 100 years
Indescribably good things, who have made each well!

This I would go the other by virtue of the NASA!

After It’s Van Allen belts (high-dose radiation belts surrounding the Earth in a donut shape) is a problem.

Here is the case will die According to if there is a significant adverse effect on the human body.

Well, it this is that Apollo is’m contributing to the theory that did not go to the moon,
So no problem with that once you pass through Innovation Apparently a short period of time Pyuーー.

It was ~, this somehow go to Mars!

We challenge is terraforming is a problem from the arrived at Mars to leave.
This is the biggest challenge!

Given this (· ;; to.) Uh-huh … also, is likely to Mars is far away now ^^;



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