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Mars resettlement plan(part 4) |

Mars resettlement plan(part 4)


Hope of the human race, working hard for the sake of a dream,
Somehow, but it was they who secured the residence on Mars …

So, still quite severe problems from here.

To live on Mars more than two months in the researchers Some people say that difficult.

Why? …?

・Mars is said well and is similar to Earth, but a fairly harsh than Earth
Likely to snow, such as dry ice for the average temperature -40 degrees falls.

· Geomagnetism is weak because there is no ozone layer
Exposed to the solar wind, including the harmful ultraviolet rays that there is no space suit (radiation) to exposure.

· In addition to the soil of Mars, perchlorate corresponding to the dangerous goods (overheating, shock, explode and add friction) have been included
On which the dust is also said to cause a failure, such as precision instruments, terrible thing and that the suspect also carcinogenic!

– Further Mars atmosphere is quite thin as 1/160 Compared with the Earth,
Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but there was even one scene of “Total Recall”, you water from various places in the body and goes out without wearing a space suit is evaporated.

– Even for a planet of roughly a problem that one-third much of gravity of,
Harsh from the environment of the muscle deterioration and Hone租 litigation disease, stones, etc.
… As the disease overlap to be a depression also

It has full of severe problem ;;

But ~~’ll be fine! ♪ ~ (^. ^) (Ultra-optimistic!)

Failure of precision equipment, etc., moving around pounding the CURIOSITY now Mars to demonstrate that okay in the astronaut there is extraordinary strong spirit and physical strength!

Russian astronaut, people I Gen’nashi-Padaruka is,
In both of the International Space Station and Mir of weightlessness, it has a record of the universe stay 879 days.

And where harsh on the environment par of Mars is a few places in the earth,
We You Some people are living in the vicinity there is a volcanic toxic gas Yara hazardous substance.

After it is a food problem, because until the full self-sufficiency on Mars would take time
For a while there is no choice but to expect a resupply from Earth.
Well, here let’s survive with the money because not be helped!

So from the next, finally I also excited
I think going to touch on the topic of terraforming therefore please.



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