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Star made of diamond has been discovered! |

Star made of diamond has been discovered!


This is the title as it ^^;

“Star made of diamond,” is found! When
The United States of Yale University and the French Astrophysics Institute published a paper!

 this is I have a dream ~ ^^
And I like a pretty close from the earth.

The star at a distance of 40 light-years from Earth,
Planet “Cancer 55e” of Cancer 55th star.

Radius is twice that of Earth, mass the size of eight times is!
That of a Super-Earth with a solid component, such as a rock or metal.

1 year of this star is seems to only 18 hours ( w |;゚ロ゚| w)

… Nante one year is shorter than the first day of the earth!
I guess that Tsu divides the place hella close at tremendous speed from the star!

In addition, unreasonable likely … on the surface temperature is life to live since more than 2000 degrees.

A result of the composition of this star was calculated from every angle
Yes it has been found that can be mainly in graphite and diamond w (¯ ▽ ¯;) w

Moreover, one-third of the total mass is I guess diamond!

This is, what amount that hits the Earth three minutes! ! ! ヽ ((◎ д ◎)) ゝ Hyo! Hyoe ~ ~ ~! !

~ ~ ~ To go to take! ! (That’s impossible;;)

Hundreds, yea after thousands of years or, if taken to go as to become if
It diamond is going to be worthless.

What this, for those who like to diamond
It might have become a story that does not sleep maybe ^^;



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    「人工ダイヤモンド 値段」で検索してみたら、ダイヤモンド自体にはそもそも資産価値は殆ど無いそうです。なぜなら人工品があるから。販売価格が高いのはデビアス社が宝飾品市場を独占、人工品の流入を防いでいるためであり、売却額は二束三文との話も。(これ、あの元傭兵さんが『世界陰謀大全』で言っていた会社かな?)。