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【New evidence】Black Hole – gas – Close to the speed of light |

【New evidence】Black Hole – gas – Close to the speed of light


From the supermassive black hole that is 60 billion times the weight of the sun,

And gas, called the jet has been observed that the belching violently at a speed close to the speed of light is Japan and joint research team of South Korea announced on March 12, 2016.

Was observed is a black hole in the center of the M87 galaxy away 54.4 million light-years from Earth, it is known that the length of the jet is also 5 thousand light-years.

↑ imagined view of the jet ejected from the black hole

The team, carried out the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Iwate Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture, and the radio telescope four to operate in Okinawa Prefecture, a joint observation in three of a total of seven in South Korea.

From December 2013 over a period of about half a year, that of to have a closer look at the root portion of the very close jet into a black hole.

As a result, the speed at which the jet immediately after the jet is spread is the case proved to be the speed of light of 80% or more.

↑ root portion of the jet emanating from the black hole that was observed in the radio telescope.

While the gas falls from the periphery to the strong black hole gravity, it did not depress gas spouting shake off the gravity, you have jet is formed.

Previously jet is slowly ejected, then, it was thought to be accelerated to near the speed of light.

By the way how do you gas can be ejected from doing black hole … even light can not even escape? ? ?

[Depress did not gas spouting shake off the gravity, you have jet is formed]

For this part, I found a descriptive commentary, leave put.

Once sucked into the black hole will not come out even light.
※ The black hole, there is a boundary surface called event horizon, we can not leave even a light Once inside from there.

However, that was introduced gas this time, instead of coming out of the black hole, is believed to have come out from the nearby black hole boundary (outside than event horizon).

Gas that is being sucked into the black hole has been found to form a disc which rotates round and round around the black hole.

This is so is called “accretion disk”.

Gas in the accretion disk is, around round and round the same place without Tadoritsuke to quite black hole body,

The inside of the disc will continue to become a high temperature by the exchange of kinetic energy between gas (friction, etc.).

Since the gas is faster if gas is in high temperature, it will balloon to the accretion disk and the vertical direction.

This is what with the jet.

If it exceeds escape velocity of the velocity of the gas is a black hole around (outside than event horizon) gas can be ejected to the outside,

If not exceed also seem to be swallowed by the accretion disk to come back around the black hole.

In short, instead of gas is out of the black hole,

It seems peripheral gas which could not fall into a black hole in the (outside than event horizon) is blowing with nowhere to go last.

The outcome of this observation, is so useful in elucidating the jet is born mechanism is one of the black hole mystery.



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