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Space solar power, can be in the 2030s!? |

Space solar power, can be in the 2030s!?


This time, the power generation technology that surprised and up, I would like to write about the fact that Japan is proceeding seriously.

Its name, “space solar power generation”! !

But this is that which has been said previously, there was no follow-up at all, had been forgotten ^^;

However, space development strategy headquarters of the Cabinet plays a central role in this announcement, because it is that of to be promoted as a measure of the country, it seems to be trying to tackle is finally serious about ^^

In view of the current Japanese power situation that thermal power generation from oil, coal and natural gas accounted for 90%,

There is also the voice of the primary re-operation, but I think … this is should go lost after all.

Among such, it is the future, has the potential to at once solve the domestic power problem,

It is a technique for solar power generation in space! (゚〇゚;)

Specifically, the solar cell panel is installed in space, skipping the generated electricity to the ground of the power receiving equipment is converted to electromagnetic waves,

It seems to be the mechanism to be sent from there to the normal power grid.

Unlike the earth, in the space there is no encumbrance of the atmosphere, it is possible to obtain a solar energy of 10 times per unit area,

And yet capable of 24-hour power generation because there is no day and night ~.

When you have power, but is so send to Earth it as an electromagnetic wave, as well as the loss of half time to send,
Overwhelmingly better efficiency compared to power generation on the ground, it has been expected as a new power generation technology.

Unlike thermal power generation using fossil fuel,’s a clean energy, I will continue to be power generation 365 days 24 hours.

According to it, in two square kilometers of solar panels, it seems possible power generation of nuclear power plants 1 group worth.

However, although this idea had existed before, the United States enormous construction cost becomes a bottleneck had by the hand …

It is still referred to as a “ridiculous plan,” but the government towards the realization of the 2030’s, is willing to develop!

Of course, the challenge is we are piling up ^^;

To begin with, … the question of how to carry the universe doing a large amount of materials for making solar panels?

To “space solar power generation” is, must be the order of several million tons member, it is said that there is a need to 500 round-trip at least rocket.

Since it takes about 100 billion yen the launch of a single rocket, … things to become also a 5 trillion yen in the only transportation costs (≧ ◇ ≦) ーーー!

In addition, in the powerful cosmic rays, who will be a challenge be to how to work.

Even if the fully equipped, to work that can human beings in outer space is limited, there is also the effect on the human body of the cosmic rays.

Here is exactly what Japan is proud of another technology, it is the turn of the robot technology ^^

Such circumstances, the idea of ​​surprise has been proposed from a different direction with respect to the space power generation!

What, where it generates electric power by laying the solar panels on the moon, is the idea of ​​fly in the electromagnetic wave in Earth (° Ω °;)

This technology, that of the Shimizu Corporation has been officially announced.

Why the moon of the?

It is so comes from the idea of ​​using the sand of the month for the solar panel construction.

The sand of the month by a raw material, ceramics, concrete, such as glass, since it can make the component parts required for the solar power plant construction,

Bother thing and eliminates the need to 500 round trip a rocket.

In addition, work is to perform the robot automatically, it seems human beings may not intervene.

According to Shimizu, if laying the solar panels of the equator one round of the lunar surface, likely can cover power of one minute Earth.

If put the budget, is 35 years says also possible construction start!

To plan minus the hand even the United States to go ahead with Bucchigiri regarding space development, the it Japanese companies tackle is, I am proud as a Japanese ^^

Because so is a dream story, I would like to cheer without being seen.



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