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About space burial |

About space burial


If want to be a part of the universe Once died, you might think if lovers universe.

There is no less a person Kayes to sea and mountains as a natural funeral ashes and dead bodies after the death of people,

Meanwhile, is so in recent years there is a thing called “space burial”.

This time, a matter of law and for its “space burial”, the cost is I’d like to introduce you to how much such much.

Was examined, … the space burial

Met with such remains or ashes to the capsule, It seems that the funeral to launch it into space in a rocket.

As a result, it seems to be scatter one’s ashes into space (on-orbit to orbit the Earth).

In fact, this space burial the case had already been carried out in 1997,

The famous movie is also the creator of “Star Trek” film producer “Gene Roddenberry,” was the beginning

The remains of 24 persons have been emitted into space by air-launched rocket.

Thereafter, in order to have been carried out several times space burial, it seems that or not is going to increase further in the future.

Whether the cost is a much position?

I thought whether fairly expensive for, I’m likely to be in a comparatively cheap!

Companies are you expand the service to perform a space burial has caused the original NASA engineers “Elysium Space Corporation” is, seems to be accepting applications from Japan.

According to it, that the service to put the ashes in an artificial satellite,

It sounds like me to go 1990 dollars.

If the Japanese yen, about 220,000 yen in the current.

This service launch some of the ashes in the service of commemoration space burial is housed in a capsule, is that of the Shuru the orbit of the Earth over a period of several months.

And glad service to the bereaved family, the capsule to orbit the

By free apps is so current location can also be confirmed.

Then the capsule was circling over a period of several months, and then rush to the atmosphere.

Since the capsule itself would be burned out by the heat of that time, never drifting the universe forever.

Therefore without increasing even space junk, there is no thing that comes to suddenly fall to the earth, it seems is that friendly to the environment has become for sale.

So, what are you happened to the law about the space burial?

For the “burial,” cemetery, Law on burial, etc. “is, reserves of” burial or baked bone, in the area other than the cemetery, seems to have determined to be carried out should not be “this.

In addition, the criminal law has a provision of “remains abandonment crime” (Penal Code 190 Article), is the person who improperly abandoned the remains that of to be punished.

However, according to the Ministry of Justice, Natural burial, “as long as it is done with moderation as one of the funeral, will not hit the remains abandonment crime” such as space burial is that it is the standpoint of.

Then, “it remains abandonment crime” (Article 190 Penal Code) of Japan, it and does not apply if the act has been carried out outside the country.

In fact, depending on whether the satellite can be launched from anywhere in any country, what kind of law is applied in any country is like change,

But at least, if the space burial of the form, such as that performed by Elysium space company, is immediately in violation of Japan’s domestic law, and so will not be.

Already, I’d like have begun service in Japan of the company for this space burial.

I would like to consider as the universe Favorite myself ^^;



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