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【wonder】Go in three days to Mars |

【wonder】Go in three days to Mars


NASA is what the developing those ridiculous once again!

What! ! This time, the “so go with only three days to Mars,” navigation technology NASA is in development! !

Whether that can do that by using the heck what technology?

Let’s take a step-by-step for more information!

According to the place where a number of foreign media including the US magazine Forbes has reported,

The advocates “consisting able to go in three days on Mars,” dream of the technology is a research team led by Philip Rubin Professor of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Announcement of surprise, seems to have been done at NASA symposium.

The ultimate goal of their study entitled “Deep-In Plan” is a rocket engine the current spacecraft to adopt, we try to replace that of the reasonable new generation with a higher output.

By injecting high pressure and high temperature of the gas in the rear, the structure of the current rocket engine that produces a thrust in the recoil,

After that there is a need to Komu loading a large amount of fuel and an oxidant to the spacecraft, thereby further the weight of the spacecraft is increased, that of speed and are having a weakness to become slow.

So the Rubin and his colleagues advocated is, technology to obtain a thrust by the laser light that has been released into the universe “laser propulsion system”.

Nante advance the space with the power of light, but is ish story of the only world of SF ···

The principle of “laser propulsion system” is so simple.

Light is also combines the nature of the particle at the same time as if there is a wave, by irradiating it to the object, the force that is driving force press occurs,

A coherent laser beam of large output by applying to the hull, the spacecraft is like a sailing ship that was the wind, is so will be able to advance the space.

Now there is no need to accumulate a large amount of fuel, upon no fear of fuel out, that the it is possible to move at a speed comparable to the speed of light.

According to Rubin, Professor, seems to assume that at least about 1/4 of the speed of the speed of light (about 300,000 km / sec) exits.

As a result, the spacecraft of 100kg, which was launched from the earth, it is said that it is possible to send to Mars in about three day! !

In, what does this breakthrough “laser propulsion system” is put into practical use in any way specifically?

The NASA and Professor Rubin has been assumed, in a manner that is referred to as the “Space Launch System”,

Although the launch of the spacecraft is done in the fuel injection system by the rocket engine of the conventional,

Upon reaching the outer space, the spacecraft and the distal end portion having a giant reflectors, separating the body portion to remain in a fixed position.

And is irradiated with a laser beam of large output toward the tip portion from the body portion, the mirror becomes possible to reflect light,

In thrust that occurs at this time, it seems to be the mechanism to push the tip portion rapidly to far away.

In the laboratory, already it has succeeded in the experiment of “laser propulsion system” in a very small object, that of the know also how to achieve a relativistic velocity.

According to the Professor Rubin is also possible enough that the application of the “laser propulsion system” in a huge body of the spacecraft scale, has seen the confidence to be able to put to practical use in the not too distant future.

Mars 3 days It is good When you are ready to go in ~~ ^^

Feel like has become familiar and Mars in the presence Gagu ~ ~ ~ do in this announcement (^. ^)



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