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【wonder】Perhaps there are organisms on Venus |

【wonder】Perhaps there are organisms on Venus


Is not a big story Maybe you there is Venus who this time but ^^;

In fact, it seems to have found that apparently there is a possibility that there can be life also to Venus in a recent study.

Venus briefly about before that

The atmosphere is composed mainly of carbon dioxide, there is a slight nitrogen.

Atmospheric pressure is about 90 atmospheres at a very high surface of the earth! It corresponds to a water depth 900m in the Earth).

Venus, have greenhouse effect is caused by the huge amount of carbon dioxide, an average of 464 ℃ surface temperature is, … it can reach 500 ℃ in the upper limit

Because of the greenhouse effect, the earth’s surface thing that is higher than near Mercury’s surface temperature (average 169 ℃) by the sun.

Image Venus volcanic “Sapasu mountain” (in front of the mountain). White thing has been estimated that magma that looks to the front.


I wonder if I can exist Nante life in such a harsh environment …?

However, according to the latest study published in October 2009, if it is a relatively low temperature advanced 50 per kilo,

Floating microorganisms is that temporarily there is also a possibility that you can inhabit.

Research in the new measurement method is used to assess the viability of an organism on a scale of 0-1,

Microbial viability index of Venus thing to have moved out the results of 0.4.

This seems to be the same level as the Earth.

According to it, apparently, it seems is not without the presence of a strong organisms to heat …

Also to Venus as desert organisms are alive even if there is no water it has been said that there is a possibility that there are biological.

Then interesting is found that ,, Venus Climate Orbiter “Venus Express” is to use the light of the star passes through the atmosphere of Venus, also to Venus is the ozone layer!

In addition, according to the exploration, you rich, such as there is water even before billions of years.

※ in the exploration of Venus spacecraft Venus Express, once a large amount of water to be of became ensures that ran away from Venus.

In addition in 2012, is so Mr. astronomer Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences has announced the view that “Venus in there signs of life.”

Analysis of the pictures taken from the spacecraft in 1982, “disk” or “black flap”

The look that the object has been photographed as “Scorpion”.

He in an article published in the Solar System Research is if we decided to forget once the common sense that there is no life in “Venus,

I am writing from the morphological features of the object that is reflected in the photo would be nice to say that there is a life, “he said.

• The following image is Venus surface Soviet spacecraft “Venera 9” was shot.
It does not appear so to the eye, but even this 90 atmospheres, is so there is also a temperature 465 degrees.

Even up to now, but we have written that there is signs of life in the satellites and asteroids of the other planets, it happens when there is a possibility of life up to the Venus that should pretty harsh environment and …

^^ Which has been feel like any living organism is present anywhere in the universe anymore;

Soon extraterrestrial life discovery! Maybe a large news hear of ^^



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