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Flesh-and-blood human and void of space |

Flesh-and-blood human and void of space


This is a small story or rather the universe trivia ^^;

But to go in the universe is a space suit is required, What happens if Once out in flesh and blood in the space?

In astronauts weightless space, sight swimming in the like in the water but it is fun.

However, if in fact the set foot into space, rather than the flesh and blood of the state, there is a need to protect the body dressed in spacesuit.

The universe for too too difference environment and the earth, when it comes to go to the universe as it is, because taking in humans and other organisms becomes a harsh environment.

So, what happens when human beings is gone out with flesh and blood of the state do not wear a space suit to outer space?

What is often said is, is that I body not withstand the space environment resulting in rupture.

This is, the universe is because the vacuum state, it takes the burden in blood pressure, also comes from the idea of ​​boiling while the blink of an eye is blood.

However, this is a kind of urban legend

Body burst immediately out to the universe, or blood is so not never say boils.

What happens in Once you actually out in space in the flesh and blood?

Yes effect later Given the influence of cosmic rays begin to appear, but …

That’s right does not immediately die.

It rupture also true not even be boiling to be because the human body is composed of various materials.

NASA of a few tens of seconds, according to the opinion Toka’s all right even in the flesh and blood ^^;

However, it is merely have been several tens of seconds;;

I think there is air in the human lung.

Continue to destroy the cells by this air starts to the expansion, will be solidified platelets clog the blood vessels

It is said that death Σ (T □ T

So, if the astronauts had come out any chance, to the space in the flesh and blood of the state

Immediately exhale, because the

That of the manual is attached.

If once you breathe in the absence of oxygen to the contrary, it seems to result in quickly fainting …

That said it is not immediately die, because out into space in the still flesh and blood of the state,

Absolutely to it will say that it it should not (≡д≡)



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