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The Black hole of Five dimension |

The Black hole of Five dimension


The “five-dimensional black hole”, the general theory of relativity would collapse!

Doing so claimed the United Kingdom, in the University of Cambridge and the research team of the University of London Queen Mary,

According to them, is a simulation of the “five-dimensional black hole” is this is so successful that disrupting the general theory of relativity of Einstein!

The research team is using the latest computer models,

It seems to have tried to simulate a very thin ring-shaped black hole.

Here it is.

This simulation show, the ring-shaped thin black hole.

“Bulge” part cord is very thin that connects it occurs, seems to become a mini black hole of the bout.

This is the flow of water in the ray of water, things to be similar in appearance to be interrupted finely in water droplets.

According to them, it says the ring was enigmatic this mystery might be present in 5 or more dimensions of the universe.

Of these ring-shaped black hole it was first theorized, but is 2002,

Succeeded in simulation it seems the first time this study.

If if it exists such a black hole, these things lead to the appearance of “naked singularity”.

This “naked singularity” is the principle and the equations behind the general theory of relativity because to “collapse”!

The singular point, because the gravity is too strong, space and time, that the point where the laws of physics break down completely.

In general relativity, singularity is present on the inside of the black hole, these are described as being surrounded by the “event horizon”.

The event horizon, is that of “because there is too strong gravity, escape is impossible point of no return is also light, etc.”.

“Singular point is, as long as they are hidden on the other side of the event horizon, should not be a problem. The general theory of relativity is valid,” it said

Marcus Kuneshu is a co-author of this research paper says.

But if the singularity is also present on the outside of the event horizon, the general theory of relativity will collapse …

If general relativity is Yaburere, … that everything is overturned

If that happens, no longer also it will not be able to predict any force in the general theory of relativity,
It will no longer regarded the theory to explain the universe.

If it is proven Einstein was wrong,
We must wait for the emergence of a new theory of the universe.

Once Stephen Hawking, so far the universe for everything of understanding is overturned on the
He said, “nature abhor a naked singularity”.
And fortunately, I thing was not anywhere up to now to prove its existence, but …

The latest research is beginning to suggest the possibility that there are naked singularity.

In the near future, it might be the theory of relativity of iron-clad is smashed ^^;



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